Our students make outstanding progress and achieve beyond expectations.

Our track record for outstanding student progress for A Levels and advanced vocational courses is the most consistent in Somerset over the last four years. (League Tables 2013-2016. Value added performance by state schools and colleges.)

Our students achieve significantly higher grades than predicted based on their GCSE results. The quality of our teaching and support makes a real difference; we maximise student potential and help them to achieve beyond expectations.

Best courses in the country

Four of our A Level courses are the best in the country according to the Advanced Level Performance Systems (ALPS 2013-2016), the national system that measures student progress by comparing their A Level results with their predicted results based on GCSEs.

Students on these Strode A Level courses make more progress than students at any other school or college nationally.

  • Archaeology
  • Law
  • Biology
  • Psychology
Declan Bell-Evans

Declan Bell-Evans

Declan Bell-Evans

Declan, from Glastonbury and formerly at St Dunstan’s School, gained three A Levels in 2014: Archaeology B, Biology B and Psychology B. He took a gap year in Australia before studying Archaeology and Anthropology at Bristol University (a Russell Group university). 

“When I joined Strode College I was predicted D and E grades for my A Levels based on my GCSE results. I ended up with three grade Bs at A Level and a place at a Russell Group university, so I’m really happy. Strode really encouraged me to develop a good work ethic. From the start the teachers were aware of how I was doing and they motivated me to do well. I also thoroughly enjoyed the sports opportunities at Strode – I played hockey, rugby and football.”

"The high quality of teaching, alongside exceptionally strong support, enables the vast majority of students to consistently make outstanding progress relative to their starting point."

Ofsted 2014