The Green College

Strode campus buildingStrode College is committed to developing an increasingly sustainable operation and environment and has changed operations, processes and systems to ensure that the college minimises emissions wherever possible.

The on-going building projects within the college have enabled energy conservation to be included in the design of new buildings. The buildings maximise daylight penetration, use low energy pumping systems and low velocity ventilation systems.

Over the past seven years power consumption has increased by only 4.45% despite the increase in floor space and introduction of new electrical equipment to the campus. The boilers are all high efficiency. We use extra thick insulation; run outside lights on photo light sensitive cells and use a warm air recycling system to reduce the energy spent on heating buildings. We have installed a building management system to ensure that energy usage for heating is minimised and are considering the introduction of solar panels to assist hot water heating.

Our IT infrastructure is based on a sustainable IT model introducing low power systems and technologies that reduce the impact on the environment. All IT procurement aims to reduce power and cooling requirements. The selection criteria for all new equipment and services now include a weighting for sustainability covering the entire lifecycle of the products from manufacture through to disposal. Weighting during the selection process is also given to the sourcing of the component parts, the packaging and the transport.

Water consumption is monitored monthly for leakage and 99% of taps, cisterns and toilets are low capacity.

We re-cycle everything that is possible including glass, batteries, spectacles, light tubes, mobile phones and computers, electrical and data cables. On average, 280 bags of paper, 8 bins of cardboard, 24 bags of plastic bottles, 16 bags of cans and 12 bags of polythene are recycled every month. We also strive to reduce the waste we create in the first place.

Following Strode's participation in the annual Climate Week Challenge a couple of new initiatives have begun: making compost from tea bags and fruit peelings collected from staffrooms and the development of a garden to promote biodiversity on the campus. Follow the development of the garden on the Strode College sustainability garden and biodiversity project blog.