Gifted & Talented

Supporting gifted and talented students in Art, Music and Academic Preparation.

Many students from varying backgrounds exhibit astonishing gifts and talents. At Strode College, we are committed to supporting those with gifts and talents in all fields but particularly in the areas of music and in academic preparation for competitive university entrance. (See Strode Aspire).

Gifted and talented individuals are defined by the UK government as those with “…one or more abilities developed to a level significantly ahead of their year group (or with the potential to develop these abilities).” ‘Gifted’ generally refers to the top 5% of the school population in academic subjects and ‘talented’ to the top 5% in other subjects.



Students who are enrolled on music courses may be eligible for weekly music tuition. This may take the form of one to one, pair or small group arrangements and include instrument or vocal tuition. Students may use this tuition to further their study in an existing area or take the opportunity to try something new.

All Students:
If students play an instrument already they are very welcome to join and participate in formal and informal ensembles. There may also be opportunities to become part of the orchestra accompanying College shows and join lunchtime concert programmes. One-to-one music tuition can also be added to your learning programme.

Students who are talented vocally will be very welcome in the College Choir and in events where they can accompany other musicians. One-to-one music tuition can also be added to your learning programme.

See the Enrichment page for more information.