Students' Association

 Strode College Students' Association Facebook page

The Strode College Students' Association is represented by a group of student officers who are elected by the student body. These officers form the Student Association Committee and they are very active in carrying out their roles and responsibilities which include:

  • representing the College
  • organising events including College parties
  • fundraising for agreed Charities
  • campaigning on ethical and humanitarian issues
  • administering the National Union of Students Extra and Democracy cards

To support and represent the views and needs of the student body is an amazing opportunity and besides a great learning experience it is also a lot of fun. Think about getting involved.

If there is a campaign you want to run, a society you want to set up, a charity you want to help or an issue you want raised then get involved and ask the Committee how they can help you. Gigs involving College bands are supported and efforts are made to meet student tastes in the range of the different musical genres including Drum and Bass and RnB.

The Committee have supported a range of societies and clubs including Amnesty International, the Christian Union and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Group. They also have raised thousands of pounds over the years for charities chosen by the student body which have included Teenage Cancer Trust, Chinese Earthquake Appeal, College Gambia Project, Age Concern, SSAFA Forces Help, World Aids Day and Red Cross. Comic Relief and Children in Need offer the Committee the opportunity to involve staff and students in fun activities to raise money which have included Sponge The Tutor, cracker eating competitions and tug of wars.

The Committee are supported in their role by the Student Support Officer.