Personal Support

Student SupportStudent support team

Our friendly student support team provides a wide range of information, advice and support to meet our students’ needs while they are at college. They work closely with other staff and with a number of specialist external organisations.


Additional learning needs

Students with identified learning needs, including study skills and keeping up with their studies, can access workshops and specialist support sessions. Students with additional needs such as learning difficulties and/or disabilities, or those who need additional support with access to college and equipment, should contact Mandie Holloway on 01458 844433.



We have a team of professionally qualified and experienced counsellors who provide free confidential support and an opportunity to discuss any academic or personal concerns you may have. Appointments can be made through the student support team.


Health matters

Students can get advice and guidance on sexual health from the Young Person’s Clinic which runs once a week at college. You can sign up for the Condom Card Scheme, benefit from free Chlamydia screening and we provide pregnancy tests and guidance.


Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults

We have a statutory and moral responsibility to make sure that we safeguard and promote the welfare of young people and vulnerable adults receiving education and training at Strode College. We are committed to:

  • providing a safe environment for young people and vulnerable adults to learn in;
  • identifying young people and vulnerable adults who are suffering, or likely to suffer, significant harm;
  • taking appropriate action to see that young people and vulnerable adults are kept safe, both at home and at college; and
  • actively working to prevent students being drawn into radicalisation or terrorist activity.


Equality and diversity

We promote equality and recognise the diversity of our students and staff. Our aim is to provide a lively but safe environment for all, irrespective of: age; racial/national/ethnic origin; gender; religion or beliefs; ability; sexuality; disability; social background or culture.

We provide an environment which fosters a caring and supportive atmosphere where all students can fulfil their potential.