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MoneyWho is Eligible for Financial Support?

If you are considering gaining a qualification or improving your skills, the financial side of your education may be a worry. Whatever your situation; whether you are entering further education for the first time, wanting to improve your basic skills or perhaps considering a career change, you may be eligible for financial assistance. At Strode, with our dedicated student support staff, including one officer advising exclusively on financial matters, we will do everything we can to help you get the support you need. With all of this help available, and the future benefits of boosting your skills, how can you afford not to look into FE?


Fees 2015/16

UK/EU/EEA Students
Aged 16-18 on 31/08/16 - All Further Education (FE) Programmes - no fees to pay.
Aged over 19 on 31/08/16 - Full-time programmes are priced individually and in some instances course fees can be waived. Please contact our Admissions Team for further details: 01458 844453.

Non UK/EU/EEA Students
£6999 for each year of the course (2015/16) including basic books and one attempt at the exam. This also includes one ESOL programme and one attempt at mother tongue AS Level. 


Student Resource Fee

This is a fee for all full time students (irrespective of age) payable for each year of the course. The current fee is £50. This fee is a small contribution towards the cost of the resources for your course. As part of your induction programme you will be provided with a college diary, an initial print credit allocation and a subsidised charge for subsequent print credit purchases, and a USB stick to store your work.


Ages 16-19

16 to 19 Bursary Fund

The 16-19 Bursary is a pot of money given to the College by the the Department of Education (DFE) via the Education Funding Agency (EFA). It is a scheme to help the most vulnerable 16-19 year olds continue in full-time education. The scheme is made up of two parts:

  • A Guaranteed Payment Scheme
  • A Discretionary Support Fund

It is administered by the College and receipt of the bursary is conditional on the learner meeting expected standards of behaviour, attendance and quality of work.

Guaranteed Payment Scheme
Young people in vulnerable groups - those in care or care leavers; those in receipt of Income Support; young people in receipt of Employment Support Allowance and Disability Living Allowance - are eligible to receive a guaranteed bursary of £1200.

Discretionary Support Fund
Students from low income families can apply to the Discretionary Support Fund for financial assistance where there is genuine financial barriers to participation such as the costs of transport, materials and equipment.

If you or your parents are in receipt of benefits or are on a low income, we encourage you to contact our Financial Advisor, Mandy Greville on 01458 844546 who will be happy to discuss your eligibility with you.

Care to Learn

If you are the parent of a child and are aged less than 20 years of age you can apply for financial assistance towards the cost of childcare through the Care To Learn scheme. The aim of Care To Learn is to give financial support to teenage parents who want to continue their education or training and need help with their childcare and travel expenses. For further information contact the Care To Learn helpline 0800 121 8989 or visit

Strode College Travel Bursary

All full-time further education students who purchase a Somerset County Ticket bus pass will receive £175 from Strode College towards the cost of the ticket.

Those students aged 16-18 who have a family income below £26,000 (gross), will receive enhanced support of a total of £475 towards the cost of the Somerset County Ticket bus pass.

For an more information contact Mandy Greville, Financial Advisor, on 01458 844546.

Free Meals

Students aged 16 to 18 and who are, or whose families are, on a low income and in receipt of certain benefits may be entitled to free college meals.

The British Army FE Bursary Scheme

The British Army has an initiative to help young adults prepare for a career in the Army. This initiative financially rewards students for attending college, completing a relevant vocational qualification and pursuing a career in the Army at the end of their course. The scheme supports students on full Level 2 programmes in a range of occupational sectors. Visit the British Army website for further information.


Ages 19+

There is a range of financial support available to help with the cost of studying:

Discretionary Support Fund

The College manages the Discretionary Support Fund to help students with essential costs of your course such as course fees, childcare costs, exam fees, books and equipment. The fund is allocated on the basis of need, so those FE students in the greatest financial difficulty will receive the most help. Receipt of the Discretionary Support Fund is conditional on the learner meeting expected standards of behaviour, attendance and quality of work. For further information, advice and guidance or an application form, contact Mandy Greville, Financial Advisor, on 01458 844546.

Grants and Bursaries

Some national and local organisations can offer grants to students on particular courses. For more information visit Family Action Educational Grants website -

Student Loans

Students applying for a university level course will need to consider how they will pay for their course. One option is to apply to the Student Loan Company for a loan to cover the cost of tuition fees and to help with living expenses. Go to for further information, advice and guidance. The College Careers Team can answer broader questions on the level of support you can expect. Please call them on 01458 844409 for further information, advice and guidance.

Advanced Learner Loan

Please download the Advanced Learner Loan leaflet or visit for more information.

Please see the Higher Education section of this website for further advice on Tuition Fee, Maintenance and Advanced Learner Loans.