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Use the form below to search for courses. Click on the course title for more information about the course content, level, fees, dates and venue.


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INT an informal interview is required, see How to Apply and Enrol for more information.


NC No fee concessions, see Paying for your Course for more information.

E&M English and Maths, see Free Courses and Discounts for more information.

24+ Loan, see Paying for your Course for more information.

HE HE Loans, see Paying for your Course for more information.

Course levels

All qualification-based courses are categorised into levels; they progress from Entry Level to Level 6. When you apply to join a course we will discuss your prior qualifications and their level to make sure you are eligible for the course you have chosen and we will also check what fees you will need to pay.

We use the following symbols to show the level of each course.

Enriching Your Talents! These courses are supported by Somerset Skills and Learning. They do not lead to a formal qualification, so do not have a level.

Somerset Skills and Learning logo Working in partnership with Somerset Skills and Learning CIC.

LE This is an entry level course.

AE This is an entry level Award course.

L1 This is a Level 1 course.

A1 This is a Level 1 Award course.

A2 This is a Level 2 Award course.

L2 This is a Level 2 course (e.g. GCSE).

FL2 This is a Full Level 2 course equivalent to five GCSEs grades A*-C. This course may be free.

L3 This is a Level 3 course (eg A Level).

FL3 This is a Full Level 3 course equivalent to two full A Levels. This course may be free.

L4 This is a Level 4 course (eg AAT Diploma Level 4).

L5 This is a Level 5 course (e.g. Foundation Degree).

L6 This is a Level 6 course (e.g. BA Hons Degree).

Search Instructions

If you leave the keyword box blank, set "Type" to "Day and Evening Courses" and "All" for the others, you will receive a list of all day and evening courses, the list is long and may take a while to completely load. To refine your search:

  • Type in a Keyword
  • Select a Course Area that interests you
  • Select a Qualification Type
  • Select a Venue, not all courses are run on-campus
  • Select Leisure Courses to refine to non-qualification courses

And then click "course search"...

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