Guidelines for Students on Educational Visits

1. General Points
As students, you will be ambassadors for your course, your College and, if going abroad, the country. Therefore you must aim to be a credit to the College, keep to the highest standards of behaviour and cooperate to ensure the success of the visit. An important point to remember is that what may be acceptable to you may not be considered acceptable by others. A College visit is for educational purposes and the standards of behaviour required of participating students will be those set out below by the College in Section 3.

2. Before the Visit
As students, you should:

  • ensure that any medical information supplied by you at the start of the year is up to date. (Note all medical information will be kept confidential to the staff leading the visit.);
  • for visits abroad, please ensure you have a valid passport (and visa for holders of foreign national passports). A European Health Insurance Card is also strongly recommended for visits to Europe;
  • read, understand and agree to all guidelines, both general and specific, relating to the particular visit;
  • ensure that you attend briefing meetings and obtain all the necessary information, forms, letters and other documentation;
  • ensure that such information and letters are read by yourself and your parents or guardians and that consent forms are signed and returned to the College by the agreed date;
  • take responsibility to check any areas of concern or potential concern;
  • undertake all the necessary preparation work relating to the visit, e.g. the related research, course assignments/project work;
  • be aware of the dress and equipment requirements for the visit and itinerary. Do check with the visit organisers if you are in any doubt about what is acceptable;
  • ensure that you can get to the scheduled departure point in good time for the planned departure. The trip may have to leave without you;
  • provide the trip organiser with a copy of your insurance information, if you have been asked to take out your own insurance for the trip (or if you prefer to do so).

3. During the Visit
3.1 Travelling
As students of the College, your behaviour while travelling must be acceptable. In particular, there must be:

  • respect shown at all times to the party leaders;
  • respect and consideration shown to other travellers and their property, e.g. no loud noise or litter;
  • no consumption or purchase of alcohol while travelling;
  • no smoking on coaches or in the College minibus;
  • keep all essential medication on your person or in your hand luggage.

3.2 On Location
While on location, you must behave responsibly and show respect to party leaders, other citizens/guests and the Police. The College disciplinary procedures apply at all times throughout the visit. Consequently, students under 18 may not consume alcohol and ALL students should not consume illegal substances at any time. Failure to observe this rule may lead to the student being sent home (at the parent/guardian’s expense) and subjected to formal disciplinary proceedings.

For those over 18, alcohol consumption may only be permitted in appropriate social contexts, in the evening on residential visits e.g. a glass of wine with a meal. In particular, students over 18 may not:

  • purchase or consume alcohol on journeys;
  • consume alcohol prior to any physical activity, e.g. swimming, climbing, etc., as accidents could occur;
  • purchase alcohol for students under the age of 18.

However, any student over 18 whose inappropriate behaviour indicates an excessive consumption of alcohol, will be considered to have committed an act of misconduct and may be sent home.

The following are also not permitted:

  • smoking, except in an appropriate social context in the evening;
  • smoking and drinking alcohol in sleeping accommodation, i.e. hotel room;
  • the sharing of rooms by students of different genders;
  • loud noise or misbehaviour of any kind in residential accommodation;
  • damage to property or vandalism of any kind. Charges for breakages will be deducted from a deposit paid prior to the trip. If this does not cover the cost, additional charges may be made.

Students over 18 are required to observe the same rules as other students on the visit and show respect and follow instructions of staff.

4. General Safety and Security
Students must take care not to put themselves at risk, particularly:

  • listen carefully to instructions/planned changes to itinerary which may occur on the day;
  • do not go off alone when on residential visits, at home or abroad, and preferably stay in groups of three or four when allowed time unsupervised by a member of staff;
  • when abroad, resist any temptation to get into heated discussions or arguments with groups of local inhabitants;
  • always obtain prior permission from the party leader(s) of exactly where you are going and agree a return time, which must be earlier than 12.00 midnight. You must sign in on return and must not leave the premises again;
  • you will not be allowed to hire cars, motorbikes or scooters.

5. After the Visit
You will be required to:

  • attend a debriefing meeting;
  • contribute to a report on the visit;
  • complete all related follow-up assignments, course or project work by the agreed deadline.

6. Failure to Adhere to Guidelines
Any misbehaviour, breaking of agreed rules, or failure to keep to the guidelines as set out above may result in:

  • you being returned home immediately at your own or your parents’ expense;
  • formal disciplinary action being taken, which may include expulsion from the course and College.

However, we are confident that you will, like the vast majority of those taking part in educational visits over the last few years, behave impeccably. We hope that you have an enjoyable and successful trip.