Quality is an important aspect at Strode College

Our commitment to quality across all aspects of the College is 100% and we are continuously inspected and audited to make sure we're getting it right.


Quality Assurance Policy

To support the College’s first strategic objective: to be outstanding in everything that we do.


  • To ensure that the College is meeting the obligations under its Charter to students and other stakeholders
  • To meet Ofsted and external funding agency audit requirements
  • To achieve improvement targets year-on-year and to contribute to national targets by using performance indicators and benchmarking in setting targets
  • To provide a flexible and responsive service that meets the needs of all stakeholders
  • To promote the high quality standard of service and training provided by the College


  • Link quality assurance activities to the College Mission and Strategic Objectives
  • Annually review the appropriateness of the College commitments stated in the Charter and ensure expectations are being met
  • Review and evaluate both the academic provision of the College and the services provided by support teams as part of the annual self-assessment process
  • Ensure self-assessment action plans are SMART and that they address areas identified for improvement
  • Develop systems for data capture that enable managers to effectively monitor student progress in relation to minimum target grades, attendance, retention, achievement, success and destinations
  • Monitor team performance against targets and the self-assessment action plan
  • Monitor the quality of the College’s partner provision in accordance with service level agreement
  • Ensure that the College captures sufficient and relevant feedback from learners and employers by employing a range of consultation methods and providing a timely and appropriate response to feedback received
  • Monitor internal and external verification, course reviews and evaluation, identify areas giving cause for concern and monitor action taken to improve the quality of provision
  • Continue to raise standards and recognition by the accreditation or re-accreditation of quality kitemarks
  • Support continuous improvement of teaching and learning and the student experience at Strode College through promotion of a self-critical culture
  • Ensure that the College’s Staff Review and Development Scheme identifies the development needs of all staff and that opportunities are provided for these needs to be met
  • Operate in a culture of transparency and accountability by publicising results, sharing performance data with benchmarking providers and partner schools and informing learners how the College responds to feedback


Methods by which the above Aims and Objectives will be met:

Audits; compliments and complaints procedure; course reviews; course team meetings; Minimum Target Grade (MTG) progress reviews; critical friend reviews; destination reports; external examiner (FE & HE) and verification reports; internal verification; kitemark accreditations; learner and employer surveys; marketing publications; management information reports; observation of teaching and learning; quality review meetings; self-assessment and staff development.