Full-Time Application Form 2016/17

To apply for a School Leavers course starting September 2016, please complete the application form below.

For help, please refer to the guidance notes as you complete the application form.

1. Personal Details

Please fill in your details below. Mandatory fields are marked *.

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Contact Details  

2. Emergency Contact

If you are under 19 we will assume you agree to us sharing your data with your parents or guardian/carer, but in the event of any difficulty with this you should nominate at least one person with whom we can share your data:

3. Residential Status

4. Ethnic Origin*

Strode College is strongly committed to equal opportunities and we welcome all students regardless of age, gender or ethnic origin. Please tick the box that describes the ethnic origin with which you most identify yourself.


5. Additional Support

Please tick any of the following that apply to you

6. Current/Last School or College (* under 19s only)

7. Educational Qualifications

Please list any qualifications you have, or expect to obtain before you start your course. If English is not your first language, you must indicate which English language exams you have taken or are to take.


When you come to enrol in August/September 2016, you will need to bring certificates or exam slips to confirm your results.

8. Courses

Please indicate the title of the vocational course or Apprenticeship or a list of A Level subjects you are interested in studying.

If you are applying for A Levels, please indicate subjects below:

You are advised to take no more than two of the following A Levels: Art & Design, Graphic Design, Textiles, Photography, Music, Music Technology, Drama & Theatre Studies or Dance, due to the quantity of coursework, deadlines and examination dates.

9. About You

Hobbies and Interests  

10. Enrichment

Please indicate which enrichment activities you are interested in:

11. Eligibility for Guarantee Bursary

Note you will need to provide the evidence to support this before enrolment.

12. Data Protection Consent to Process Declaration

I declare that to the best of my knowledge the information I have given is a true and correct record and I give my consent to Strode College processing this information in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. We will use your personal details to create or verify your Unique Learner Number by passing your details to the Learning Records Service (LRS). View the full data protection statement

Unique Learner Number: You cannot opt out of having a ULN created, but you can opt out of having achievement information being shared with other institutions and employers. This will mean that you will have to provide such information yourself if requested.