Course overview

These Apprenticeships provide opportunities to work in a variety of support roles within a range of childcare, education and youth settings. You might work in a school, nursery, play group or youth centre in roles such as classroom assistant, learning support, behaviour support, youth support and community work. The exact nature of your job will depend on your employer.

The Play Work Apprenticeship is for people who want to work in a children’s play centre. There are two levels of Apprenticeship available.

On the Advanced Apprenticeship you could work as a play worker or senior play worker, responsible for:

  • supervising the team in the play setting
  • ensuring that policies and procedures are followed
  • ensuring that a range of play opportunities are provided

Each Apprenticeship Framework includes its own specific qualifications for the role and area of business that you work in, but all Apprenticeship Frameworks include Functional Skills in English and Maths and Employment Rights and Responsibilities. You can find out more about each Apprenticeship Framework by contacting our Apprenticeship team: 01458 844400.

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