Cardboard Carnival 15

Art and Design students at Strode College showed impressive skill and creativity in their first week at college, making cardboard couture costumes for the college catwalk.

Students worked together in small groups to create sturdy but stylish cardboard costumes in less than two days before the project finale which was a catwalk show in front of other students and staff.

They created some intricate and striking costumes such as the Hindu god Ganesh, Medussa, Jenny the Jellyfish, a Witch Doctor, a Chicken Dinner and a Clown Harlequin. All of the costumes showed a great deal of thought, imagination and skill, with one group using a combination of talcum powder and glitter to create ‘steam’ for their Eco-Friendly Express Train.

FAD = Foundation Art and Design pre-degree Diploma
L3 Ex Dip = Art and Design Level 3 Extended Diploma

  • Hogwarts by Charlie Glyn Woods, Eleanor Moy, Portia Wilson Smith (L3 Ex Dip)
  • Black Pearl by Louis Dennis, Alex Jackson, Ella Rowe, Melissa Fletcher (FAD)
  • Thesteral by Megan Cotton, Tim Ingle, Louise Ripper, Caroline Dowdell (FAD)
  • Witch Doctor by Nathan Edwards, Max Thompson, Tom Walshe, Ewan Ross Evans (L3 Ex Dip)
  • Stanley Stag by Lauren Cattle, Indigo Howard, Jasmine Rhodes, Jamie Rochford (FAD)
  • Eco-Friendly Express by Megan Burnett-Chinnock, Arran Horton, Ellie Prichard, Harry Young (FAD)
  • Black Swan by Grace Farey, Martine Hearne, Raven Jackson, Charlotte Evans (L3 Ex Dip)
  • Clown Harlequin by Tasha Angel, Megan Atkins, Tamsin Cook, Bryony Kemp (L3 Ex Dip)
  • Business Hedgehog is Late for Work by Chloe Allen, Ben Hartley, Molly Mason, Flora Walters (FAD)
  • Ganesh by Savannah Blower, Elly Bull, Isadora Carter, Becky Dewdney (L3 Ex Dip)
  • Flutterby by Lily Aylward, Sophie Hawker, Rachel Monaghan, Maisy Tedford (FAD)
  • Team Disney by Chloe Ellison, Ellie Farrell, Corine Foot, Gemma Harding (L3 Ex Dip)
  • Prehistoric Bird by Tobias Baker, Hollie Heaton, Steven Paul, Cara Sloan (FAD)
  • Phoenix by Charlotte Mckeown, Eva Smith, Shana Tyson, Ezzie White (L3 Ex Dip)
  • Medussa by Oliver Beauchamp, Isabella Hicks, Katherine Priest, Charlotte Smith (FAD)
  • Geoffrey Beef by Lawrence Fathers, Emma Kelly, Jago Sherman, Hannah Rhiem (FAD)
  • Chicken Dinner by Oliver Tonkinson, Freddie Hale, Nino Meriano, Harry Wall (L3 Ex Dip)
  • Crocodile by Lauren Gore, Emily Luckstead, Carly Smith, Etta Mathius (FAD)
  • Jenny the Jellyfish by Amy Harris, Yasmin Mane, Jennifer Stokes (FAD)
  • Dino Crew by Beth Derbidge, Page Jones, Helen Simmons, Julia Foster (FAD)