Digital Photography - Summer School


Course code: SS105

Monday 9 July to Wednesday 11 July, 9.30am to 3.30pm (2 classes available)

The main aim of this course is to show you how you can use the manual settings on your digital SLR camera to improve your photographs.

Most cameras have automatic functions which can produce great photos, but which only work well in ideal conditions. Learning how manual adjustments will affect the resultant picture puts you, rather than your camera, in charge of photographing the scene. Some cameras are capable of fully manual operation, and all cameras have at least some manual settings.

You will also look at how to download, store and catalogue your photos, and some basic manipulation techniques, using Adobe Photoshop. This course will use Applemac computer based software.

Course Leaders: Jon Ryan & Keith Paddon
Jon is a professional photographer. Formally Senior Staff Photographer with a news group in Devon, he is now freelance with clients such as the Daily Mail, Alberta Tourist Board and local newspapers. He has also been a wedding photographer. He teaches photography and Adobe Photoshop with the Institute of Professional Photographers and Strode College.

Keith runs a successful photography business (since 2004) working in both digital and film formats, covering portrait, commercial photography and has had landscape work published nationally.

Keith also works as a lecturer within the Creative Art & Design team at Strode College.

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