Absence Procedures for Students

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As a Strode College student you have agreed to attend all your lessons. This is important, as absence is likely to lead to:

  • You performing badly on your course
  • Learner Support Funds (LSF) being withdrawn from you.
  • College disciplinary action being taken against you for non-attendance.


Planned absences

If you know you are going to be away please complete a Planned Absence Form (available from your course administrator). This is required for absences such as driving tests/hospital appointments/university open days.

Please note: If you take holiday during term time the absence will be unauthorised so you do not need to complete a Planned Absence Form.


Unplanned absences

If you are too ill to come to College or there is an unexpected emergency, you or your parent/guardian must contact the College each day (before 10.00 am) that you are absent. When you come back to College you will need to speak to your Personal Tutor about the reasons for your absence.


Illness while at College

If you feel ill while at College you should report to your Personal Tutor, your Team Administrator, Reception or the Student Support Centre. First Aid help will be provided if you need it. If you go home and are still ill the next day you or your parent/guardian will have to report your absence.



We expect all students to attend lessons on time. However, there may be an odd occasion when you are unavoidably delayed. Your Subject Tutor will mark you LATE on the register and you will be expected to explain your lateness to the Subject Tutor whose class is affected.