Introduction from the Principal

I am delighted to welcome you as the parent or guardian of a  student who is joining us to study A Levels or a vocational course.  This section of our website will inform you about what your son or daughter will be doing at College and tell you more about our College, our services, procedures and expectations.

We prefer to work in partnership with students and their parents or guardians.  I hope that you will join us in supporting your child as they make the transition from school to college and start to become more independent and more responsible. 

In addition to the course(s) your son or daughter has chosen, there are many opportunities to develop other skills through our programme of enrichment activities. This programme includes sports, music, performing arts, creative arts, the Gambia Project, languages and many others. Please encourage your son or daughter to participate in at least one of these activities.

We set out very clearly in our College Charter what students can expect from the College and what we, in turn, expect from them. You will see from this, and the information in this section of our website, that we support our students through every aspect of College life. We also ask students to respect the College in every way - through attitude and standards of behaviour to staff, the environment and each other.

Whichever course your son or daughter is studying with us, I hope they make the most of the opportunities we offer. We will do all we can to help them achieve their potential while they are with us.

Best wishes,

Katy Quinn, Principal