The Board of Governors (or Corporation Board) of Strode College has overall responsibility for the success of the College. Its main business is to determine the educational character of the College and ensure its overall wellbeing and financial solvency.

Strode has fifteen governors with a broad range of skills and expertise who serve on a voluntary basis. They include two students, two staff members and the Principal. There is clear differentiation between governance, which is the role of the Board, and management, which is the role of the Principal.

Public Value Statement

Strode College, as a rural tertiary college with a focus on provision for 16-18 year olds, provides high quality learning opportunities suitable for a wide range of abilities and interests, in an environment where students can develop as individuals. It contributes to the development of a dynamic local, regional and national economy by enhancing the employability of its students and preparing them for higher education. The College aims to promote the economic, social and cultural life of the local community through work with business, the professions, community groups and local government and by encouraging the local community to make use of the College’s facilities.

Governing Body

The Board of Governors meets at least five times a year and has a number of committees, whose terms of reference are set out in the Scheme...


Board of Governors' Minutes...