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23/05/12 - Land of Ice and Adventure
Strode News

A Level Geology, Geography and Environmental Studies students from Strode College had an amazing time in Iceland recently, when they took in some spectacular sights to enrich their learning and their lives.

They got close to impressive waterfalls, volcanic features such as geysers and lava flows, they saw an ice lagoon and icebergs, walked across a glacier and they even saw the fantastic Northern Lights; a highlight for most of the students.

Sophie Barsdell of Street, who previously attended Crispin School, is studying four A Levels at Strode College including Geography. She said "It was definitely a once in a life time trip and I am so glad I got the chance to go. To be able to see so many awesome sights and to see the things we have learnt about in class in front of us was amazing! Seeing the Aurora Borealis was obviously an amazing experience! But so was being able to walk behind a waterfall and to see the ice lagoon and icebergs on the beach. It is something I will remember for a very long time and I'm very lucky to have been given the opportunity to go."

Sherri Smith of Ilchester, Yeovil, previously attended Huish Episcopi School and is now studying three A Levels at Strode including Environmental Studies and Geology. She said: "The trip to Iceland was a once in a life time experience. I enjoyed every aspect of it and was able to put the geological and environmental information, which I'd learnt about in class, into practice. The best part of the trip was seeing the Northern Lights; we were definitely treated to a very special phenomenon. I have new memories and new friends that I will definitely keep for many years."

Rosie Billenness of Somerton previously attended Huish Episcopi School; she is studying four A Levels at Strode including Geography. She said: "There aren't many chances in life when you can go on such an extraordinary field trip. We experienced so much of both the culture and the geography of the place, with some brilliant experiences. It was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; I'll remember watching the Northern Lights, walking behind waterfalls, and picking our way up glaciers for years to come!"

Strode College's Head of Geology and Geography, Jez Palfrey, is an expert in his field specialising in European volcanoes. He said: "Geology and Geography are exciting subjects and our students are curious about the earth; their enthusiasm and energy were wonderful to see. We had a fantastic trip to Iceland and everything our students saw and experienced will help their studies enormously."

Strode's Geology A Level course is one of the best in the country for improving students' performance after their GCSEs, according to the national ALPS system that measures students' progress by comparing their A Level results with predicted results based on GCSEs.

Photo: A Level students from Strode College on the basalt columns at Dverghamrar, Iceland.