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04/05/12 - Cuts, Curls, Colours and Creativity... Strode Hairdressers can do it All
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Over 100 Strode College hairdressing students unleashed their creativity and technical know-how this week to create some slick, stylish and stunning hairstyles at the College's Annual Hairdressing Competition, held at the Wessex Hotel in Street. 

The students, who come from across Somerset, study at Strode's hairdressing training centres in Street, Bridgwater and Yeovil. They showed the breadth of their skills with cutting, colouring, curling, crimping, extending and much more.

The competition gives the students the opportunity to showcase their skills and creativity outside the everyday salon situation, while they experience the excitement, pressures and standards of competition hairdressing. 

They gave the judges a difficult task by presenting some dramatic and eye catching looks in six themed categories: Modern Day Look, 1960s Beehive, Hollywood Red Carpet, Cats the Musical, Pop Icon and Avant Garde Catwalk. For all categories students were required to create a total look using makeup, clothes and accessories and mood boards had to be produced.

The six judges were from top hair and beauty salons in Wells, Yeovil, Glastonbury and Bruton. Head judge, Cyril Gallie from 'Cyril Gallie at the Hair Shop' said: "The hairdressing work displayed in the competition is very imaginative and of a high standard. Every year the students get more enthusiastic. They've shown us some amazing ideas and some great skills and they will do well in their future careers."  

Strode's Hairdressing Course Manager and competition organiser Sandra Hellier said: "The students have worked extremely hard in planning and preparing for the competition. They had to research looks and styles to produce a mood board showing their inspiration and ideas for their total look, including the makeup. And, they have sourced costumes and accessories to complete and enhance their total look. 

"Each student had to enter one of the competition categories as part of their Level 2 or 3 Hairdressing course or their Level 2 Barbering course. This allows the students to show their skills, technical ability and creative flair outside of the salon."

James Staniforth, Principal of Strode College said: "It's been a fantastic competition.  The quality of work from our hairdressing students is outstanding and they should be proud. The standards they achieve at Strode and in the salons where they work is clear for everyone to see and shows that they will go on to have successful careers in the industry."

The competition was sponsored by Wella, Aston and Fincher. 

Winners received certificates and prizes including top brand hairdressing equipment and products.


Left: Stylist add the final touches
Right: Barber finishes his Modern Day Look


Left: Models pose as judges inspect
Right: First prize winners


Left: Second prize winners
Right: Third prize winners


Winners of the Strode College Hairdressing Competition 2012


Modern Day Look - Level 2 Hairdressing and Barbering students

A modern day style for a young man who wants to wear the latest trendy look, using colour to enhance the cut and style.

  • 1st Prize: Stylist Jess Lee from Shepton Mallet (formerly Whitsone School) and model George Lee.
  • 2nd Prize: Stylist Aiden Fisher from Cheddar and model Stuart Thorne.
  • 3rd Prize: Stylist Kate Owen from Shepton Mallet  and model Ivor Edwards.


1960s Beehive Look - Level  1 and 2 Hairdressing students

Hair dressed up with ornamentation, taking inspiration from the 1960s Beehive. 

  • 1st Prize: Stylist Laura Whitcombe from Street (formerly Crispin School) and model Zoe McFarlane
  • 2nd Prize: Stylist Sarah Brown from Bridgwater and model Karen Meek


Hollywood Red Carpet Look - Level 1 and 2 Hairdressing students

Hair dressed, with ornamentation, taking inspiration from models and actresses who walk the red carpet at film premiers.

  • 1st Prize: Stylist Georgia Oliver from Stoke-sub-Hamdon near Yeovil (formerly Stanchester Academy) and model Mimi Sneddon
  • 2nd Prize: Stylist Emma Coleman from Wells (formerly Crispin School) and model Savannah Tucker
  • 3rd Prize: Stylist Karen Adams from Bridgwater and model Emma Lang


Cats the Musical Look - Level 1 and 2 Hairdressing students

Using creativity, imagination and colour, hair to be styled taking inspiration from 'Cats' the musical.

  • 1st Prize: Stylist Stefano Fauceglia from Barton St David (formerly Crispin School) and model Candice Langstaff
  • 2nd Prize: Stylist Kayley Govier from Street (formerly Crispin School) and model Charlotte Carpenter
  • 3rd Prize: Stylist Kylie Davis from Glastonbury (formerly Crispin School) and model Kirsty Haskins


Pop Icon Look - Level 2 Hairdressing and Barbering students

Hair to be coloured and styled to create the look of a pop icon from any decade. 

  • 1st Prize: Stylist Sophie Chapell from Yeovil (formerly Westfield School) and model Sammy Veal
  • 2nd Prize: Stylist Lorna Moule from Bridgwater and model Sophie Jones
  • 3rd Prize: Stylist Sarah Elwood from Baltonsborough and model Alana Cross


Avant Garde Cat Walk Look - Level 3 Hairdressing students

Hair to be coloured and styled with ornamentation and clip extensions to create an outrageous, individual fantasy look that would interest designers, gain media attention and inspire other hairdressers. 

  • 1st Prize: Stylist Kelly Smith from Somerton and model Hayley Davies
  • 2nd Prize: Stylist Tanya Cook from Somerton (formerly Huish Episcopi School) and model Sophie Groves
  • 3rd Prize: Stylist Nicole White from Yeovil (formerly Bucklers Mead School) and model Shannon Norman