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03/02/12 - Strode is the Highest Scoring State School or College in the Mendips, South Somerset and Sedgemoor
Strode News

The government's league tables for advanced level 16-18 education were published last week, showing that Strode College in Street is the highest performing state school or college in the Mendips, South Somerset and Sedgemoor; the third highest performing state institution in Somerset; and the second best performing college in the South West of England.

This performance is based on the average points score per exam entry, which gives a fairer comparison between schools and colleges than the points score per candidate, as it takes account of the broad range of students and the courses they study.  

James Staniforth, Principal of Strode College said: "We are delighted with these outstanding results which reflect the performance of our outstanding students and staff.   The combination of our best ever A Level results with our best ever National Diploma results in 2011 has contributed to this excellent performance. 

"Although the performance tables do not give the complete picture of a school or colleges performance, they do provide students and their parents with useful information when thinking about where to study after GCSEs.   It is also worth remembering that Strode College is in the top 7% of 1,200 schools and colleges in the state sector for improving students' performance in A Levels and National Diplomas after their GCSEs, according to the national Advanced Level Performance Systems 2011.

"We have a lot of good students, but we also add value to all our students because of our exceptional staff and our approach to learning and support.

"This is an outstanding achievement for Strode.  I am extremely proud of what we have achieved and we are determined to build on this success."

Photo: Principal James Staniforth and students outside Strode College in Street, the highest performing state school or college in the Mendips, South Somerset and Sedgemoor.