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31/01/12 - Strode Students Aim High with Six Offers from Cambridge University
Strode News

Students at Strode College in Street have had great success with applications to Cambridge University this year, with six students receiving offers.

Offers from Cambridge University have gone to:

  • George Field, formerly from St Dunstan's School, to study Computer Sciences at Jesus College;
  • Luke Godfrey, who is a resident at Farleigh College and studies A Levels at Strode, to study Engineering at Pembroke College;
  • Jade Evans, formerly from Crispin School, to study Engineering at Girton College;
  • Laura Bentley, formerly from Ansford Academy, to study Natural Sciences at St Catharine's College;
  • Amy Livingstone, who is a student at Farleigh College and studies A Levels at Strode, to study Engineering at Newnham College; and
  • Fiona Marie Smith, formerly from St Dunstan's School, who has a confirmed place to study Theology and Religious Studies at Homerton College;


Philippa Piper, Head of A Level Studies at Strode said: "Our A Level students achieve high academic standards with results significantly above national benchmarks - 99.4% pass rate with 54% A*-B grades.  We support our students applying to a range of universities and the most important thing is to make sure that every student gets into the university that best suits them.

"Our aim is for those with the ability to get into Oxford or Cambridge to have the best chance of selection.  Students get specialist advice and support from tutors and UCAS advisers, and their success shows that Strode College can successfully prepare students for the most highly rated universities in the UK.  These students are a credit to themselves, their families and former schools, as well as the excellent teaching and support we provide at Strode. "

Laura Bentley said: "As inevitably nerve-racking as the application process was, it was still an enormous relief to have the support of my tutors, especially coming up to the interviews.  Receiving my offer was one of the best days of my academic life so far, and I am ecstatic about the prospect of joining the University next year - although I think it did take a couple of days to sink in!"

Amy Livingstone said: "The application process was slightly daunting but everyone was very supportive.  My personal tutor at Strode was very helpful with guidance about UCAS as a whole, and Sian Decamp, who provides support and guidance for Strode students applying to Oxbridge universities, gave me some very good advice about writing my personal statement. I am incredibly pleased to have been offered a place and slightly surprised!"

Photo: After a range of application forms, tests and interviews, six A Level students from Strode College have been offered places to study at Cambridge University. (Left to right) George Field, Luke Godfrey, Jade Evans, Laura Bentley and Amy Livingstone.  Fiona Smith is not pictured as has already completed her A Levels and is away from Somerset at the moment.