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13/01/12 - Strode Maths Students Achieve Success in National Competition
Strode News

Thirteen high achieving A Level Maths students from Strode College were awarded certificates last week for their success in the UK Maths Trust Senior Maths Challenge.

The challenge is taken by students in colleges and schools across the country each year. They have to solve maths problems which are presented in a completely different way from A level and GCSE maths questions. 

Gold certificates were awarded to Angela Richardson and Torin Dickinson, placing them in the top 7% of candidates nationally; Silver certificates went to Amelia Livingstone, Abigail Pitcher, John O'Rourke, Julia Fletcher and Zoe Foister, placing them in the top 20% of candidates; and Bronze went to Thomas Perry, Lily Blaikie, Joshua Holmes, Andrew Stuart, George Field and Daniel Lockey, placing them in the top 40% of candidates.

Outstanding performances by Angela Richardson and Torin Dickinson, meant that as well as achieving the Best in College award, Angela also qualified for the first round of the British Maths Olympiad, which is available to only the top 1000 students in the country, and Torin qualified for the new Senior Kangaroo competition. These competitions took place in December and results will be announced soon.   

Four students, Angela Richardson, Andrew Stuart, Thomas Perry and John O'Rourke also represented the college in the regional maths team challenge. This required them to work together on mathematical problems and develop strategies to maximise the team's potential in three very different rounds. Despite strong opposition the Strode team achieved fourth place out of the thirteen teams who took part.

Strode Maths Subject Leader, Helen Kelsey said: "The maths challenge provides stimulating and interesting problems that require students to use their mathematical knowledge in many different ways and does not restrict them to a specific syllabus. For the first half of term we add optional maths challenge questions to the end of the maths homework and many students enjoy them and spend time discussing the solutions with each other. It encourages them to think laterally and logically and really challenges even the very best mathematicians."

Strode A Level Maths students achieved a 100 per cent pass rate in 2011 with the majority achieving high A* to B grades: 73% in Further Maths and 63% in Maths.

Photo: Strode's high achieving maths students were presented with their certificates by James Staniforth, Principal of the College (left back row), and Helen Kelsey, Head of Maths at Strode (left front row).