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27/11/11 - Thinking Globally and Celebrating Diversity
Strode News

It was 'One World Week' at Strode College recently and students took part in events and lessons to celebrate diversity and think about how we share many values, concerns and activities with people from across the globe.

Students were encouraged to think globally as tutors introduced the theme of 'One World' into their lessons.  And, they got the chance to try out some new activities including African drumming, Chinese ping pong, Danish hand ball and henna hand designs.

The highlight of the week was the 'Music 4 Change' concert in Strode Theatre which featured performances from Strode music students, the College Ensemble playing two catchy Latin American numbers, the Jazz Group and the Choir singing a stirring Zulu song and the Mammas and the Papas 'California Dreaming'. Exciting band 'Balkan Beat' also performed an African number and a humorous French song.

Bill Scott, Strode's Head of Student Support Services, said: "Compared with twenty years ago many of us are hugely influenced by different cultures from around the world and it's easy to forget just how much this enriches our lives. From the wide variety of food we enjoy, to the music we listen to and the films and sports we watch on TV, we are experiencing and enjoying difference all around us.  There are also many serious global issues which impact on our lives today such as the economy, poverty and climate change.  'One World Week' is a great way to get our students to think about these serious issues in an enjoyable and engaging way."