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19/07/11 - Uplifting Finale for Strode Students
Strode News

Music, dance and performing arts students from Strode College ended the year in style with some fantastic and uplifting performances at Strode Theatre in June during the Colleges' Festival of the Arts. 

Music technology students were first to the stage on 14 June performing live music they had composed to accompany the 1920s silent film 'The Cabinet of Dr Caligari'.  Using music software, MIDI hardware and instruments the students showcased their creativity and technical skill by performing a 70 minute live soundtrack that reflected the film's weird visual imagery and distorted sets.

Adrian Smith, Music Technology Lecturer at Strode said: "We wanted to challenge and inspire our students to produce some of their best work and they did.  The audience enjoyed the show and our students worked together really well - they should be proud of themselves.  Music and pictures from the show are on our blog:"

Next up, on 15 June, were Strode's performing arts students who brought their two years of study to a fitting finale with a confident and entertaining production of 'Stepping Out - The Musical'. 

Charmaine Bray, Strode's Performing Arts Lecturer said: "The show was an ideal platform for our students to showcase their talents in acting, singing and dancing as it was set in a weekly tap class. Only one of our students could tap dance before rehearsals began eight weeks before the show and all of them learned this new skill extraordinarily well.  Our young performers handled the comic and tragic moments in the show with aplomb and their performance was well received by an appreciative audience, from the hilarious first attempts at tap dancing to the dazzling show-stopping finale."

The final performance during Strode's Festival of the Arts was the end of year dance showcase on 17 June.  It was an evening full of energy, drama and variety with some stunning contemporary dances, excellent and complex group work and some lively numbers including those set to music from the sixties, Bugsy Malone and Paolo Nutini. 

Kara Herbert, Dance Tutor at Strode said: "It was a fantastic evening which celebrated the talents and dedication of our students. They found time between their exams to rehearse these pieces, which shows their commitment and enthusiasm for dance.  It was an uplifting end to their studies and I'm delighted that they were able to share this with such an appreciative audience."

Photo: Strode dance students showing off some of their moves at Strode Theatre