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22/06/11 - Strode Students get on their Bikes
Strode News

Four students from Strode College in Street are among the first to benefit from the new Cycle Loan Scheme designed to improve access to further education for 16-19 year olds. 

The scheme, which has been piloted this term by the Moving Forward team at Somerset County Council, provides bikes to students who live more than two kilometres from the college and who have difficulty travelling there by public transport.

For a deposit of £70 and a £30 annual maintenance fee, students get a new bike with lights and locks.  At the end of the year they can return the bike and get their deposit back or they can keep the bike for the price of their deposit. 

Bill Scott, Student Support Manager at Strode College said: "Cycling is a great way to get to College because it helps students stay fit, saves them money and it's better for the environment.  We have a covered cycle parking facility at Strode and we are delighted to offer this new scheme to our students."

Students who want to apply to the cycle loan scheme must do so by 14 July 2011.  Find out more by visiting or call 01823 355412.

Photo: Strode students who have been piloting the cycle loan scheme with Dereck Cutler from Moving Forward and Ali Turford, Strode College Student Support Officer.