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16/06/11 - Strode College’s Mario and Luigi Cook up a Laugh
Strode News

Children from local primary schools enjoyed a funny and engaging performance of Roald Dahl's 'Witches' recently, when Strode College's performing arts students presented their version of the story at Strode Theatre in Street.

250 children enjoyed the show, which sees a young boy defeat the witches' evil plan to turn the children of England into mice, despite being changed into a mouse himself.  The play ends with the boy-mouse living happily with his Gran and learning that 'it doesn't matter who you are or what you look like so long as somebody loves you.'

Strode students adapted the play to appeal to children as part of their work on children's theatre.  As well as audience interaction, special effects and choreography, the children enjoyed the modern references in the show, in particular Nintendo characters Mario and Luigi making soup for the witches and having a comic argument in the kitchen.

Headmaster of Ashcott Primary School Mr Richard Briar said: "The show was fantastic.  The main character - the boy who gets turned into a mouse - was very endearing to the children.  Mario and Luigi were a particular hit getting a great reaction.  It was an excellent and popular production." 

The students will also be running follow up workshops with children at some of the schools to explore the themes and characters in the play and encourage the pupils to devise and perform their own short drama pieces.

Photo: Mario and Luigi made a guest appearance in Strode College's performance of Roald Dahl's `Witches`.