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21/04/11 - Spotting and Sharing Potential
Strode News

The ability to spot potential is a great help in selecting the right person for the job, particularly when placing someone in a trainee position like an apprenticeship.

Helen Lacey, owner and director of local company Red Berry Recruitment, is good at spotting potential and helping employers select the best staff for their business. She has also used her experience to make sure she has excellent staff in her own business.

Helen employs an apprentice administrator in her Shepton Mallet office. Luana Border started work in March 2010 and is working towards an NVQ level 2 in Business Administration.  Helen said: "Luana left school with excellent GCSE results and came to us looking for a trainee position. We snapped her up because we saw she had great potential. She does a great job for us.

"Often employers are so busy working that they don't want to take the time to train someone, but a trainee can be a great asset to the company. They can bring energy and a keenness to learn, and even though they are inexperienced they can still have great personal and practical skills that can benefit the business."

Helen recently met 18 year old Yasmin Collins who was looking for a trainee position. After completing A levels at college Yasmin was facing the common dilemma of how to get a job without work experience and how to get work experience without a job.

Yasmin said: "I've never really known what I want to do, so I took Business, English and Accounts as I thought they would be useful in many careers. I hoped that getting a job might help me decide but I found it hard to get work. I went to see Helen in her new Yeovil office and she was really encouraging. Although she wasn't in a position to employ me at that time, she referred me to Strode College where I'm now working as an apprentice in the business development team and taking an NVQ Level 2 in Sales."

Graham Knight, head of business development at Strode College said: "Helen felt that Yasmin would be an asset to any employer so she contacted me to see if there were any suitable apprenticeship vacancies. I wanted someone to join my team, so I met Yasmin and am delighted that she is now working for us and gaining valuable work experience and a qualification.

"Strode College is a member of the Street Chamber of Commerce and we meet regularly with local businesses to share ideas and build relationships. This is a great example of the college working with its local business network to provide real opportunities and Helen is a great ambassador for businesses working together and sharing ideas."

To find out more about apprenticeships call Strode College on 01458 844476, or read more here.

Photo: (left to right) Helen Lacey owner of Red Berry Recruitment with apprentice Yasmin Collins and Strode College’s Graham Knight.