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31/03/11 - Disney Princess meets Punk at Strode College’s Sixth Annual Hairdressing Competition
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Strode College hairdressing students created some dramatic historical and cultural hairstyles for the College's sixth Annual Hairdressing Competition this week, which was held at the Wessex Hotel in Street. 

The 110 students competing came from across Somerset and study at Strode's hairdressing training centres in Street, Bridgwater and Yeovil. 

Students showcased their creativity and technical skill with some eye catching looks in seven themed categories: Modern Day Look, Disney Princess, Bollywood Bride, 1920s Charleston Flapper Girl, 1950s Rockabilly, Punk Rock and Grand Masked Ball.  For all categories students were required to create a total look using makeup, clothes and accessories and mood boards had to be produced.  (A list of all winners is attached.)

Katie Morse, Head Judge and Senior Stylist with Karen Christensen in Wells said: "I'm blown away by the standard and quality of the students work.  Overall the level of technical skill has been incredible and the creativity is fantastic.  I will take ideas and inspiration from these students and I feel proud of them for what they have achieved."

James Deary, Judge and owner of James Hairdressing in Glastonbury, said: "It's been hard to judge the competition as there were so many strong contenders.  You can see how hard the students have worked and it's inspiring that trainees can produce this level of work."  

Strode's Hairdressing Course Manager and competition organiser Sandra Hellier said: "The students have worked extremely hard in preparing for the competition.  They had to research the eras or events, produce a mood board showing their inspiration and ideas, and source costumes and accessories to complete and enhance their total looks.  

"The level and standard of technical ability and creative flair has been higher than ever.  This event is very important for the students who have to participate as part of their qualification, and it also allows them to showcase their skills and creativity outside of the everyday salon situation."

The competition was sponsored by Wella, Aston and Fincher and Weston Hair and Beauty. 

The eight judges were from top hair and beauty salons in Wells, Bridgwater, Yeovil and Central Somerset (details attached). 

Winners received certificates and prizes including top brand hairdressing equipment and products.


Left: Grand Masked Ball models
Right: Beauty student adds final touches to makeup


Left: Models pose as judges inspect
Right: First prize winners


Left: Second prize winners
Right: Third prize winners


Winners of the Strode College Hairdressing Competition 2011


Modern Day Look - Level 2 Hairdressing and Level 2 Barbering students

A modern day style for a young fashionable man, using colour to enhance the cut and style.

1st Prize:  Stylist Will Marshall from Weston Super Mare and model Drew Hiley.

2nd Prize: Stylist Adele Ellis from Glastonbury and model Tom Strode.

3rd Prize: Stylist Azure Crosby from Midsomer Norton and model Gary White.


Disney Princess - Level  1 and 2 Hairdressing students

Hair to be worn up, with ornamentation, in the style of a Disney princess.

1st Prize:  Stylist Charlotte Bird from Street and model Issy Pepe.

2nd Prize: Stylist Nicole Diment from Merriot Nr Crewkerne and model Anna Belton.

3rd Prize: Stylist Julia Rossiter from Bath and model Tasha Hunt


Bollywood Bride - Level 1 and 2 Hairdressing students

A bridal hair style inspired by Bollywood and worn up with ornamentation.

1st Prize:  Stylist Hollie Marsh from Frome and model Scarlet Dober.

2nd Prize: Stylist Harriet Chamberlain from Yeovil and model Mary Chamberlain.

3rd Prize: Stylist Maxine Webb from Street and model Beatriz Webb.


1920s Charleston Flapper Girl - Level 1 and 2 Hairdressing students

Hair style to reflect the 1920s era with ornamentation used to dress hair.

1st Prize:  Stylist Emily Chiffers from Wells and model Keisha Padfield.

2nd Prize: Stylist Nikki Freeman from Shepton Mallet and model Melissa Gribbin.

3rd Prize: Stylist Margaret Woodward-Kay from Nether Stowey nr Bridgwater and model Mel Bicknell.


1950s Rockabilly - Level 1 and 2 Hairdressing students

Hair style to reflect the 1950s rockabilly era with ornamentation used to dress hair.

1st Prize:  Stylist Lucy Norman from Cannington Nr Bridgwater and model Naomi Saunter.

2nd Prize: Stylist Anna Loxton from Minehead and model Caroline Tout.

3rd Prize: Stylist Alison Simms from Stringston Nr Bridgwater and model Laura Sims.


Punk Rock - Level 1 and 2 Hairdressing and Level 2 Barbering students

Hair to be coloured and styled to reflect 1980s punk rock style. 

1st Prize:  Stylist Kirsty Street from Street and model Pixie Busby.

2nd Prize: Stylist Lucy Brunt from Lamyatt Nr Bruton and model Emma Richards.

3rd Prize: Stylist Amy Francis from Somerton and model Joe Bowler.


Grand Masked Ball - Level 3 Hairdressing students

Hair to be coloured and styled using ornamentation and hair pieces or extensions, to create an inspirational avant garde look. 

1st Prize:  Stylist Siobhan Murray from Yeovil and model Holly Masters.

2nd Prize: Stylist Jade Stone from Bridgwater and model Emily Lukins.

3rd Prize: Stylist Amy Race from Keinton Mandeville and model Tianna De Martin.