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07/03/11 - Sherlock Bones Visits Strode College
Strode News

Archaeology students at Strode College got the chance to work with a Forensic Anthropologist last week, learning about the real investigative work that is portrayed in the fictional world of TV programmes like CSI and Waking the Dead. 

At the anthropology workshop, Strode's A level and Foundation Degree Archaeology students learnt how to analyse human bones to find out the sex, height and diet of the person when they were alive.  They were also shown how to look for signs of disease, injury and trauma on the bones to work out how the person died.

Katherine Dray, Archaeology Subject Leader at Strode said: "The workshop gave our students a great insight into forensic anthropology which is an essential part of their archaeology courses.  Their increased scientific knowledge and practical forensic skills will help them with their future studies.  Practical sessions like this are a great way to learn."

A Level archaeology student William Marffy, from Long Sutton, enjoyed the workshop.  "It's been really interesting," he said.  "Being able to hold and examine real bones, with the guidance of an expert in the field, has definitely made the work much easier to understand.  Hands-on learning like this is a great, it helps the information sink in."

Photo: A level archaeology student Will Marffy and Foundation Degree students Darren Driver and Natalie Talbot, enjoying the Sherlock Bones workshop at Strode College.