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02/03/11 - Go ‘Back to the 80s’ with Strode Students
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Students from across Strode College are pulling on their leg-warmers and dusting off their Rubik Cubes in preparation for their annual musical production.  'Back to the Eighties' runs from 8 to 11 March at Strode Theatre in Street, and features the talents of over 40 students.

This sparkling new musical tells the story of Corey Palmer and his friends as they complete their graduating year at William Ocean High School.  Corey is in love with Tiffany, but Tiffany loves Michael, the coolest guy in the school.  As the school year progresses with student elections, the arrival of new girl Eileen and a charity concert, the show follows the teenage trials and tribulations of the school seniors.  After successfully organising the concert and the ensuing party, Corey's popularity is growing.  Michael and his friends take their teasing of Eileen a little too far and face the wrath of school geek Fergal McFerrin III, a secret student of the martial arts!  Michael gets his just desserts, Tiffany sees the light and Corey gets his girl. 

The show features a score of retro-classics accompanied by an eight-piece live band, including 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,' 'Man in the Mirror' and 'We Are the World'.

Charmaine Bray, Performing Arts Lecturer at Strode said: "Every year students and staff pull out all the stops to make the musical production one of our highlights.  There will be so much talent on show - singing, acting, dance and music - and lot of hard work and dedication behind the scenes.  We're really looking forward to showing what we can do and I'm hoping for a great audience turnout to support our young performers."

Tickets can be booked at the Strode Theatre box office: 01458 442846 or at:  Ticket cost £8, £6 full concession and £5 for Strode students.