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17/02/11 - Celebrating 100 Apprenticeships
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The apprenticeship challenge has already reached its target of 100 Somerset apprenticeships in 100 days.  The campaign hit its target in just 22 days when Kilver Court in Shepton Mallet became the 100th business to sign up to the apprenticeship scheme.  We are now aiming to secure 100 more.

Graham Knight, head of business development at Strode College, joined staff to celebrate.  He said:  "Reaching our campaign target of 100 new apprenticeships for Somerset so early in the campaign is wonderful news.  It shows there's a genuine need and enthusiasm for apprentices among local businesses. This is why we're now aiming for another 100 new apprenticeships.  I look forward to more celebrations at the end of April."  


Adapting to a changing economy

Kilver Court is an example of how businesses can evolve over time in response to changes in the local economy, and the new apprenticeship with Kilver Court shows how apprenticeships have changed over time.  

The site of Kilver Court has been a lace mill, it was used for drinks production, and in 1996 it was renovated and became the headquarters of Mulberry.  Today, its grand house and ornate landscaped gardens provide a unique and inspiring venue for weddings, conferences, events and tourism.  It also offers other services, including a farm shop, a natural health centre, a plant nursery and an organic café.  


Fantastic opportunity in a fabulous setting

Anthony Stacey, General Manager at Kilver Court, heard about the apprenticeship campaign and found out more from Strode College.  He thinks the benefits of employing an apprentice are quite clear, for the business and the apprentice. 

Mr Stacey said: "Kilver Court is a fantastic place to work.  Quality runs through everything we do, from the stunning surroundings we work in, to the produce we sell, and the service we offer our customers.  Excellent customer service is essential to maintain our high standards, which is why we have decided to offer a Customer Services Apprenticeship. The role we are offering will reflect every aspect of our work, so the person who gets the job will get a broad grounding in all aspects of our business. 

"We're looking forward to recruiting a young and enthusiastic person to join our team of experienced staff.   We are committed to training our apprentice to a high standard, both at work and by supporting them with the learning they will do at Strode College."


Find out more

The Kilver Court apprenticeship will be advertised on the apprenticeships website: 

To find out more about Kilver Court visit

For information about apprenticeships call Strode College on 01458 844 476 or visit our Apprenticeships page or