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25/01/11 - Strode helps Teaching Assistants Improve their Skills
Strode News

Strode College is working with Brookside School in Street, piloting a schools initiative to increase literacy and number skills for Teaching Assistants.  So far, the ten week course has been a complete success with a 100 percent pass rate in Literacy.  Some of the Teaching Assistants are carrying on with the course and will achieve the next level within the next few weeks.  The Numeracy course begins in April.   

Sandra Bartlett, Street Children's Centre Manager and Brookside School Business Manager said:  "This has been a most successful initiative for everyone.  Our staff have had the opportunity to achieve their qualifications in a relaxed, non-threatening environment and the results speak for themselves.  As always it has been exciting and fruitful working with Strode College and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them."

Emma Rawlings, Strode's Deputy Head of Teaching Team, Skills for Life said:  "I am delighted that we are working with Brookside School, supporting them with their staff professional development.  The children in Street will directly benefit from the knowledge that the Teaching Assistant's have gained.  Sandra has been extremely supportive of the initiative and it has been a great success".

Photo: Brookside Teaching Assistants improve their skills with help from Strode College. Top row left to right - Joanne Jackson, Shirley Davey, Sandra Bartlett. Bottom row - Emma Rule, Shelley Napper, Lucy Norris.