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10/01/11 - Strode Students in Channel 4ís Skins
Strode News

Strode Performing Arts and Media students recently took part in filming for the new series of Channel 4's Skins, a teenage drama which follows a group of Bristol sixth form students. 

Thirty five students travelled to Filton College in North Bristol for a full day of filming.  They will be on screen as extras in the new series which begins this month on E4.

Georgie Underwood, who lives in Bleadney near Wells, is studying Dance, Drama, Media and Film A levels at Strode College.  She said: "We had a great day being part of 'Skins' and we learnt that as well as acting, filming involves a lot of standing around, retakes from different angles, and attention to detail and continuity.  For the first few shots we were a little nervous, but things calmed down and we started to enjoy it.  The production team were really friendly and professional. "

"Our first scene took us four hours to do, and it will only take up about four minutes in the episode.  In the scene the main characters return to college, with some of us 'dressing' the set and others walking through the scene.  Later in the day we were in a scene where students arrive for a new school day.  Kerri Bruce (of Yeovil) and Hannah McCarthy (of Shepton Mallet) got a small part in this scene as 'fit girl 1 and 2'.  They had to walk past a car and laugh at one of the main characters as he got out of it. "

John Oram, Strode College's Drama Lecturer said "Our BTEC Broadcast Media students and Performing Arts students really enjoyed this experience.  They worked alongside professional actors and technical crew and it was a fantastic opportunity for them to find out about the hard work that goes into making TV Dramas.  They also learnt the discipline of performing to camera and the balance between long periods of waiting around and then intense moments of activity.  We are hoping to work with the production company again at a later date."