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06/12/10 - Learning in the Great Outdoors
Strode News

Careers in the Uniformed Public Services such as the Armed Forces and the Ambulance, Fire or Prison Services, can take many different routes, including front line work and essential support services.  They all require excellent fitness levels and skills such as problem solving, leadership, team working and communication.  Strode Public Services students practiced these skills in the great outdoors recently, on some enjoyable and challenging expeditions.

Over 70 students attended an outdoor educational course focusing on team building and leadership.  They learnt to handle kayaks and then faced a series of water based games to test their skills, before being challenged to build and race their own rafts.

Over 40 students also tried their hand at orienteering on the Mendips.  This was the first of a series of challenging walks designed to test and improve their skills.

Maurice Holdstock, Strode's Public Services Course Manager said: "Taking learning out of the classroom really enriches the student's studies.  These exercises, whilst enjoyable, create the real experience of facing physical team challenges, and working under tight deadlines in a pressurised environment.  Our students learn a lot about themselves and about how to approach similar challenges in the future."

Photo: Strode Public Services students manage to stay afloat on their self-built raft.