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08/11/10 - Strode Helps Year 11ís Make Informed Choices for the Future
Strode News

Almost 900 prospective students and their parents flocked to Strode College on Wednesday night (November 3) to see what the college has to offer as they think about their future study and career plans. 

They came from across mid-Somerset and had a great time finding out about the many courses available including A-levels, Diplomas, GCSEs, apprenticeships and NVQs.  They also enjoyed looking around the College facilities and finding out about other factors that will affect their choices, such as enrichment activities offered at the College and student support services such as careers and university advice, finance and travel.

They got the chance to meet Strode's new Principal James Staniforth who stressed the importance of making informed choices.  He said:  "I am delighted to welcome so many visitors to our College.  We have a student centred ethos that means every student is valued as an individual and we go the extra mile to make sure all students have a high quality experience at the college.  We are proud to have such excellent teaching staff, facilities and student support services.  I want to encourage year 11 pupils and their parents to take advantage of our knowledge and expertise so that they can make choices that are right for them.  We had some great feedback from our open evening, so we know that visiting the college and talking to us makes a real and positive difference. I hope to see many more people at our next open event."

Charlotte Davis goes to Preston School in Yeovil.  She came to the open evening with her mum and they were inspired about what the future has in store.  Charlotte said: "I want to study Childcare and Health and Social Care, and then go to university and become a primary school teacher.  The courses at Strode look great, with some excellent opportunities for work placements.  The staff are really friendly and helpful and the study room is lovely. 

Her mum said: "I'm overwhelmed by the College.  It feels so welcoming here, really clean and spacious and we're so excited about the opportunities that Charlotte will have.  We're really impressed by the College's Gambia Project which fits so well with Charlotte's own interests.  She was talking about travelling to Africa only yesterday.  We've come here and heard such great and moving stories about the College's work in the Gambia, and the life changing opportunities offered to students by this project - it's all falling into place and Charlotte definitely wants to come here now. "

Octavia Jose lives in Butleigh near Glastonbury and goes to Ansford School.  She visited Strode to find out about PE and Sport, Human Biology and Psychology.  Octavia's sister is already studying at Strode so they know a bit about the College, but this was Octavia's chance to find out about the subjects that interest her.  "I like the College as it has a different feel to school which makes me feel more independent. The teachers we met have been really helpful and informative.  They weren't interested in just pushing their own subjects, but took time to explain their subjects and the different courses and options that might suit me."

Lucy Rash lives in Yeovil and goes to Westfield School.  She said: "I want to study French, Spanish, Maths and Music A levels.  I was planning to stay on at school to study but they don't offer  the mix of subjects I want.  There's a good atmosphere at Strode and I was impressed with what the teachers had to say about the different subjects."


Top: Strode staff provide information and answer questions
Above left: Pupils find out about studying Biology at Strode
Above right: A packed classroom learn about Psychology at Strode