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25/10/10 - Henna, Hair Twists and Expanding Horizons
Strode News

Students at Strode College were thinking about the world last week, celebrating similarities, differences and diversity around the globe and within our local communities.  A packed programme of activities was organised for the College 'One World Week', giving students the chance to experience different cultures, consider how their actions affect others, and how diversity can have positive impacts for all of us.

Some students got their hands decorated with Indian henna designs and some got a new look with hair twists and braids.  Others took part in cracker eating competitions to raise funds for WaterAid and to raise awareness about the effects of drought in some parts of the world. 

Charlie Dorr from Equality South West encouraged students to think about the diversity of the Somerset population.  They considered the benefits of respecting differences and the discrimination faced by groups within our community, such as people with disabilities and those from different ethnic backgrounds.  Other workshops were held to discuss serious subjects such as how the global fashion industry encourages poor working condition overseas. 

'One World Week' came to a close on Friday (22 October) with a 'Music 4 Change' concert in Strode Theatre.  This popular event featured the College Choir singing traditional Afghan and British folk songs, the Strode Ensemble playing a Ukranian tune, and a number of students performed western and global music.  The College jazz band rounded off the event which raised funds for WaterAid.


Photos - Left: Students show off their Henna Tattoos created by Sukh Kaur
Right: Strode Hairdressing students braiding
hair in the college refectory

Bill Scott, Strode's Head of Student Support said: "The activities taking place around College give students the chance to think about serious issues in an enjoyable and engaging way.  In addition, subject tutors have incorporated issues of equality and diversity into their lessons this week, reinforcing the message that these issues are relevant to everything we do."  


Photos: 'Music 4 Change' concert
Top: Becky French, Vinnie Richardson, Leon Thomas, Lucas Male
Left: Dan Canvin, Jake Stone, Ollie Proud
Right: Yazmin Jones, Vinnie Richardson, Yazie Baker-Munroe