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21/09/10 - YMCA Offers Housing Advice at Strode College
Strode News

Strode College and Mendip YMCA recently celebrated the third year of their weekly housing advice desk, which is run by Mendip YMCA within the College.  The organisations have worked together for over 15 years to help support students facing homelessness or who are in need of housing support.  The advice desk was set up to make it easier for students to use the service.

Karen Deverell, Chief Executive of Mendip YMCA said.  "We have been impressed over many years at the commitment of Strode College to provide a holistic service for its students and we have welcomed their responsiveness and inclusion of external agencies.  Our worker Stef Turner has been able to build effective working relationships with staff to encourage young people facing difficulties to use our service within the College.  The best place for young people in most cases is at home with family, but if this is not possible we are able to work alongside students to help them identify and secure accommodation.  Homelessness can have a negative impact on maintaining education, so working together we are able to help prevent this.

"Our advice desk offers family mediation, emergency accommodation and support with the practicalities of finding a home, as well as links with private landlords and our own YMCA accommodation.  We look forward to continuing our partnership with Strode and the joint commitment to prevent homelessness where possible with early intervention and support."

Bill Scott, Strode College Student Support Manager said: "The service Mendip YMCA provides dovetails seamlessly with our ethos in providing essential and effective services for students to address matters, which if not attended to, can lead

to students having to withdraw from their course or not realise their true potential.  Such services are crucial to the well being and future success of our students.  I have nothing but praise for the service Mendip YMCA provides which is professional, sensitive and responsive."

"In providing feedback for a College survey one student recently commented 'Stef Turner (the YMCA housing worker) is a brilliant, helpful person and I appreciate her work at the College greatly'".

Photo: YMCA Housing Advice Worker Stef Turner talks to students at Strode College.