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17/09/10 - Strode College Appoints New Learner Advocate to Seek Studentsí Views
Strode News

Tom Strode, who lives in Wells, has been appointed as the new Learner Advocate at Strode College.  In this relatively new role, he will be working as part of the Student Support Team to make sure the College stays in touch with students' views.

Tom spent four years as a student at Strode studying A levels and a National Diploma in Performing Arts which he completed this year.  He is taking a year out before continuing his studies in performing arts.  Tom also does voluntary work for a number of charities including Cancer Research, Meningitis Trust and Help the Aged.  

Speaking about his new role Tom said: "Over the four years I've been here I've seen loads of positive changes in how the College communicates with students.  The Learner Advocate position was created to be the united voice of the students; that really stood out for me."

"Whilst studying at Strode I was involved in the Students Association and I really enjoyed talking to students and staff and being part of the College community.  If I was told two years ago that I would be working in an office, actively engaging with students and enjoying it, I'd never have believed it - but it's true.  I want to make sure the College knows what students think, so that it can keep making changes to meet their needs.  And, I want to get students involved in College decision making.  It's a great challenge."

Photo: Tom Strode meeting new student Katie Drew from Glastonbury at the College Induction Fair.