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20/09/11 - African Adventure for Strode Students
Strode News

Last week, a group of biology A level students from Strode College and Yeovil College took their family and friends on an exciting, action packed tour of Uganda when they presented photos and stories from their trip there this summer.

The students travelled through dramatic landscapes of craters, lakes, rainforests, swamps and plantations, getting close to an astounding variety of wild animals in their natural habitats including gorillas, lions, elephants, hippos, zebras, birds and many others.

Spending time with gorillas in the forest was a great highlight of the trip. After a tough trek through the mountain forest, where the students explored native plants and creatures, they were rewarded with the wonderful experience of watching these rare animals playing, grooming, eating and socialising. The silver back was much larger than expected!

The students drove across many bumpy and dusty roads in search of wildlife and they were not disappointed. The tree-climbing lions posed for photos, the elephants obligingly stopped to drink from the river, and herds of buffalo ran across the plains for dramatic effect. The students took some great photos to remind them of their adventure.

Other activities included bungee jumping over the river Nile for the braver among the group, and visits to Lake Victoria which is the source of the Nile, a tea plantation, a local village and orphanage, the spectacular Bujagali falls and the capital city Kampala.

Strode student Rosie Billenness of Somerton said: "Our trip to Uganda was brilliant and I had a fantastic time. We saw some amazing stuff and I did so many things that I've always dreamed of doing - pretty good for a 17 year old!"

Fiona Deacon, Biology Lecturer at Strode College said: "This was a once in a lifetime opportunity for our students. The variety of biological, cultural and social experiences that they encountered made each day different and unforgettable."

Throughout the trip the students completed projects and wrote journals about their experiences - a gallery of photos can be seen on the Strode College website.

Photo: Students stop at the Equator on their way to Ugandas' capital city of Kampala.