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27/01/11 - Good Staff are Great for Business
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Taking on an apprentice can be a real benefit to your business. It's a cost effective way to train and develop a member of staff who can become a real asset for the future.


Free up time to grow your business 

Sally Robertson is the Owner Manager of South West School Wear in Wells.  After seven years running the business, she recently employed her first apprentice. 

"Good staff can make all the difference to small businesses like mine.  Staff costs are a big overhead.  Also, I can't employ many staff, so I have to do a bit of everything myself.  This means I keep on top of things but don't have time to grow the business.

"My Assistant Manager Jacky is fantastic - she has a Customer Services qualification from Strode.  But we needed someone else to help out and I'm delighted with our apprentice Liz.  She is keen, reliable and interested in her job.  She's a great all-rounder, and the more I put into training her, the more she will develop.  I've already got more time to develop my business."

"I found out about apprenticeships from Strode.  Liz is doing a Customer Services apprenticeship and will get a level 2 NVQ after 18 months.  A Strode assessor comes to the shop to work with Liz, which makes it easy for everyone.  I get a grant for Liz's College training.  

"I like the fact that apprenticeships create local career opportunities for young people.  Also, they are a cost-effective way to train staff, and at the end you have the perfect person for the job.  


Earn and learn

Liz Luck is 17 and lives in Wells with her parents.  She did well at school, gaining nine GCSEs, but didn't want to carry on studying without a purpose and didn't know what she wanted to do.  After talking to her dad and sister, who are former apprentices, she decided that an apprenticeship was right for her.   

 Her dad looked at the national apprenticeship website and found out about local vacancies, including the job at South West School Wear.  Liz has been an apprentice for six months now and knows she made the right choice.

"I'm enjoying the job and my confidence has really grown.  The other staff are really helpful and I learn a lot by watching how they do things.  I'm enjoying the College work too.  I have projects to complete like 'how would you manage a difficult customer?'  My qualification will be evidence of what I've learnt, and I'll probably go on to do the next level.

"I'm also enjoying having some money of my own.  I don't expect to be earning a fortune, as I'm still young and learning, but it is important to me.  I'm learning to drive and I've brought a car.  I feel more independent and I'm enjoying the responsibility."


Customer Service Apprenticeships

The Customer Service Apprenticeship teaches the importance of good customer service and the skills needed to deliver it.  It can be applied to hundreds of roles across many different sectors.  


Good advice

Good advice is key when making decisions about your business or career.  To find out more about apprenticeships call Strode College on: 01458 844476, or visit or