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25/08/10 - Biology Students Return to Their Natural Habitat After Trip of a Lifetime in Belize
Strode News

A group of Biology A level students from Strode College and Yeovil College recently returned to their natural Somerset habitat after two weeks in the Central American country of Belize.  They experienced the trip of a lifetime learning about native animals, plants and habitats, history and culture, and enjoying some amazing new experiences.

Parents attended a presentation in Strode Theatre this week to hear more about the trip and to see photographs of the student's journey through Belize.

Highlights of the trip included seeing an array of wildlife such as howler monkeys, toucans and turtles, up close in their natural habitats; climbing the vast Lamanai Mayan temples, one of Belize's most important ceremonial sites with awe-inspiring views across the rainforest; canoeing and swimming through vast cave systems where Mayan sacrificial ceremonies once took place; learning about medicinal properties of plants, conservation and the lifestyle of the Mennonite people who follow Amish principles; horse trekking and night hiking in the rainforests; diving on a coral reef and flying through the forest canopy on a zip wire.

Fiona Deacon, Biology Lecturer at Strode College said: "Belize exceeded our expectations.  The variety and quality of experiences and the rich natural and cultural environments made this a trip of a lifetime and a wonderful learning experience for our students.  Our expert guides were so knowledgeable about their country and made sure we got the most out of every activity and visit.  On the last day we enjoyed a sailing cruise a dusk accompanied by dolphins...the perfect end to a fantastic adventure."

The students completed project work throughout their trip and wrote journals about their experiences - extracts can be seen on the Strode College website along with their photos:  Their comments show how much they enjoyed the trip.  

After trekking through the jungle, visiting a temple and then swimming in a lagoon, John Pain of Yeovil said: "The experience was astonishing, something I will always remember and cherish for the rest of my life.  The views from the tallest Mayan temples were among the best things I have ever seen."

Following boat journeys and cave explorations, Helen Callaby of Babcary said: "I had an amazing time; it's definitely an experience of a lifetime.  Each day got better and better.  Trekking through the forest was the most surreal thing - we kept seeing monkeys.  The cave was lush - I have a new interest."

Horse riding through the forests and lowlands thrilled Joe Gore of Babcary who said: "The trip just kept getting better.  I never thought that I would actually enjoy horse riding but it was amazing. "