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06/12/13 - Students Raise Funds to Help Those in Need
Students Raise Funds to Help Those in Need

Student fundraising for the Philippines

Our Level 2 Hairdressing Diploma students held a cake sale at college and raised over £100 for the Red Cross appeal  to help people in the Philippines affected by the recent typhoon.


Children in Need

Staff and students joined in the fun for Children in Need with students raising over £150 through a cake sale and music event in the college refectory. Also, sports Students Shane Roche and Dan Berkeley had their heads shaved and staff and students bravely took part in an "It's a Knockout" style assault course!

Head shave  Live music Assault Course  Assault Course

03/12/13 - Somerset County Council Supports Sports at Strode College
Somerset County Council Supports Sports at Strode College

Somerset County Councillors for Street and Glastonbury, Alan Gloak and Terry Napper, presented £5,000 to Strode College last week which will be used to build a 'Trim Trail' around the college’s sports grounds.

The Trim Trail, which is due to be in place for Spring 2014, will consist of a range of wooden exercise equipment placed around the college’s extensive sports fields to form a fitness and exercise circuit.

In addition to the £5,000 provided by Somerset County Council from the health and well-being budget, Strode College will contribute £1,000 to the project, Crispin School will contribute £500 and Councillor Gloak’s charity TS5C will also contribute £500.

Councillor Alan Gloak said: “The Trim Trail will be a great way for students to get fit and local residents will benefit too. I am glad to see that Crispin School is also involved as obesity is a hidden problem and we must act to combat it by educating young people about the importance of staying fit and healthy; this trail will help”

Councillor Terry Napper said: “We are lucky to have such an excellent college providing fantastic facilities for our local young people and the wider community. This project is a great example of how people are benefitting from Street and Glastonbury joining together.”

James Staniforth, Principal of Strode College said: “We are delighted to receive this grant from Somerset County Council. The Trim Trail will be a valuable addition to our sports facilities which are used by Strode students for their studies and their sports activities as well as by pupils from Crispin School. The local community also make good use of our facilities for a range of clubs, classes and individual activities; I look forward to seeing people enjoying this new equipment in the Spring.”

03/12/13 - Strode Celebrates its First Videogame Day with Charity Screening of Top Documentary
Strode Celebrates its First Videogame Day with Charity Screening of Top Documentary

Strode College is holding its first video game day on Friday 13 December at Strode Theatre.

The day starts with a screening of the much lauded documentary King Of Kong: A Fistfull of Quarters, which is open to the public as well as Strode students for just £2 per person; profits will go to the college charity, The Gambia Project.

The documentary, rated PG, features the gripping but unlikely story of a tussle between two opposing, larger than life characters to become the world's champion at the classic arcade game Donkey Kong. The film is rated 96% on respected review site Rotten Tomatoes and will provide laughs and drama for non-lovers and fans of gaming alike.

After the film Strode Students will enjoy a series of talks on a range of subjects and careers related to video gaming, from some famous names and local successes Britain's highly respected video game world.

Film tickets are bookable via the Strode Theatre website at £2 plus booking fee or in person at the Strode Theatre box office.

The Film starts at 9.10am and runs for approximately 1 hour 30 mins. The film is helping to fund the event and profits go the The Gambia Project, the College's charity. 

29/11/13 - Strode College Supports New Businesses
Strode College Supports New Businesses

Strode College is working with local Chambers of Commerce and Mendip District Council to provide support to new businesses across the region. Watch this video to find out more.

14/11/13 - Strode Expands Links with China
Strode Expands Links with China

Strode College’s Deputy Principal Shirley Theedom, recently returned from a visit to China where she joined representatives from nine Somerset schools as they sought to further develop educational links with the country. They travelled to the Chinese city of Yueyang in Hunan province to continue the work of the East Somerset Partnership over the past three years.

The Somerset teachers were welcomed energetically by their Chinese hosts and the young people of the city. Each teacher spent a week in a partner school reviewing the activities enjoyed by students from both countries as they have worked together over the past years. Shirley Theedom joined students at Strode’s partner college - the Central South Technical College in Yeuyang.

During the visit the Somerset teachers also discussed future plans with their Chinese colleagues, such as joint curriculum projects, student exchanges and ways of increasing the use of new technologies when communicating across the world. Teachers from Yueyang will visit Somerset next year, accompanied by representatives of local business to extend the opportunities created by this strong partnership into wider sectors of the Somerset economy. This development has the full support of UK trade associations as well as the Chinese government, since it will serve to strengthen further the ties with the south west. 

Next summer a large group of students from Somerset will visit partner schools and colleges in China to experience Chinese hospitality and improve their language skills as they prepare to be global citizens.

Since 2011 when Strode College and eight schools initiated this link, the cultural understanding of students and their awareness of this rapidly changing country has grown enormously. The number of schools and colleges involved has now risen to 17, moving from the origins in East Somerset to include schools in Yeovil and with more keen to join.

Students at Strode College and other schools have been learning Mandarin. The introduction of this new world language is set to speed up as senior colleagues come back from China determined to see this evolution in the curriculum take place.

Shirley Theedom, Deputy Principal, Strode College said: "This has been the fifth successful exchange visit between Strode College and our partner Central South Technical College. These inspirational visits have provided invaluable opportunities for students and staff to develop curriculum projects and cultural understanding and have created a deep professional friendship between both organisations."

29/10/13 - Strode Beauty Students Paint their Pinkies Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness
Strode Beauty Students Paint their Pinkies Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

Strode College's Level 2 Beauty Therapy students have been raising money for Breast Cancer Awareness month. Students donated money to wear pink and also collected money through various activities. They joined in with celebrities including Beyoncé and had their little nails painted pink to promote the campaign.

Last year, over 1000 schools and Colleges took part and helped raise £2.1 million to fund life-saving research.

Marcie Mickleburgh, Course Manager for Strode's Level 2 Beauty Therapy course said: "It is such an important Campaign to get involved in and the students have really enjoyed taking part. They have managed to raise over £100 for Breast Cancer."

27/09/13 - Strode Students Meet Lemurs in Madagascar
Strode Students Meet Lemurs in Madagascar

Biology A Level students from Strode College recently returned from a fantastic two week field trip in Madagascar, where they got up close to the famous Madagascan lemurs and enjoyed finding out about the wildlife and culture of this fascinating country. 

The students enjoyed trekking through national parks and rainforests to seek out the lemurs. They managed to see 15 of the 113 different species, including the one metre tall Indri lemur which has an ear splitting territory call that can be heard for miles and the tiny, fluffy mouse lemur which could fit in the palm of a small hand.

The students also encountered a wealth of other wildlife including snakes, ants, chameleons, crocodiles, tomato frogs, leaf-tailed geckos and a family of tenrecs, which look like a hedgehog crossed with a guinea pig.

The trip was also a great opportunity to observe the culture and life of the Madagascan people. They visited rice paddies, a spice garden and they saw locals farming with bullocks and hand ploughs, in stark contrast to the mechanized farming students associate with Somerset. They met students and teachers at a high school and they also met a group of French medical volunteers who were giving medical treatment to the local community – the queue of local villagers stretched for over 50m.

The visit ended with a wonderful trip to the small island of St Marie where the students scuba dived on the coral reef and joined a whale watching research trip to collect data and get a close look at these spectacular creatures.

Fiona Deacon, Strode’s A Level Biology teacher, said: “Madagascar provided our biology students with a wealth of experiences and opportunities. They have expanded their knowledge about the native wildlife and culture, they have seen first-hand the effects of deforestation on the environment and they have been inspired and motivated to learn more about biology and the world. It’s wonderful to be able to offer such opportunities to our students.”

Strode student Olivia Shoemark from Sparkford said: “The trip proved to be far more educational than I imagined. It encouraged us to think about the biology behind rainforest life and to put theory into context. We could have learnt this in the classroom, but learning through first-hand experience is so much more valuable.”

Strode student Ellie Gore of Babcary summed up everyone’s feelings saying: “This has been one of the absolute best times of my life. I love Madagascar! I have had some of the most incredible experiences.”

Students studying A Level Biology at Strode College make more progress than at any other school or college nationally according to the Jan 2012 Advanced Level Performance Systems. This is the national system that measures student progress by comparing their AS and A Level results with their predicted grades based on their GCSE results. 

View the Madagascar Field Trip Gallery

You can find out more about studying Biology at Strode College and many other A Levels and vocational qualifications by visiting the college Open Evening on 23 October, 6.00-8.30pm. Pre-register online here.

15/08/13 - Outstanding Strode Results Buck the National Trend
Outstanding Strode Results Buck the National Trend

Strode College in Street is bucking the national trend by once again celebrating outstanding A Level and vocational results against a backdrop of falling national performance. The proportion of high A* and A Grades at Strode went up to 28% as national performance fell from 27% to 26%.

Strode’s results, which are above the national average, match the college’s best ever results achieved last year - a year when the national A Level pass rate and high grades fell for the first time in twenty years. The same set of results last year ranked Strode as the best performing college for A Levels in the South-West (January 2013 D of E league tables).

Strode’s A Level pass rate is 99.3% with 56% of student entries achieving a high grade of A*, A or B and 81% graded C or higher. Results in the core A Levels of English, Maths, Science, Modern Languages and Humanities are even more impressive, with 65% high grades.

Strode’s vocational students managed to beat the outstanding results of their A Level counterparts. A quarter of students achieved the highest grade of Triple Distinction*, the equivalent of three A* grades at A Level; 113 students or 56% achieved Triple Distinctions or better, the equivalent of 3 grade As at A level or better; and 145 or 72% achieved high grades; results way in excess of the national averages of 34% and 56%.

James Staniforth, Principal of Strode College, is delighted by these outstanding results and by the consistently high levels of achievement attained by students at the college. He said:

“The fact that our A Level and vocational students have once again achieved such fantastic results makes us all extremely proud - it shows that our students work hard to achieve their ambitions and it proves that our approach to teaching and supporting students makes a real difference to their success. It is also a testament to the effective partnerships between Strode and our partner schools in Somerset.

“It is particularly pleasing, in the face of recent comments about rural under achievement, that our students are achieving such great results.”

Download the Strode College Roll of Honour 2013

A Levels - outstanding student performances

Outstanding individual performances were led by Lucy Corfield of Butleigh, who achieved four A Levels with 3 A* grades and an A grade. Lucy, a former pupil of St Dunstan’s School, has won a place at Bristol University to study Biology. John O’Rourke of Bruton and Elizabeth Randall of Somerton both gained two A* grades and two A grades (she also gained an A grade in Maths last year). John, a former pupil of King Arthur’s Community School, also gained an A* in the AS level Extended Project for his study of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, a piece of work which helped him win a place to study Medicine at Cardiff University, while Elizabeth, a former pupil of Huish Episcopi Academy, will study Chemical Engineering at Bath.

Lucy Corfield said: “I’m so excited. I was up before 6am to go online - I can’t believe my results, I’d convinced myself that I wasn’t going to get the grades I needed to get into university. I’ve had a fantastic time at Strode. I was a little nervous starting my A Levels because I thought they would be challenging. They were, but the teachers at Strode are awesome.”

John O’Rourke said: “I knew I had a good chance of getting the grades I needed for university but I was still pretty nervous. I’ve had loads of guidance at Strode; my results are down to the teachers, particularly Chemistry. I’m a bit apprehensive about university, but it’s exciting – a new chapter. I’ve been learning to cook recently!”

Five students gained two A* grades and a grade A: Anna Butler of Moorlinch (Crispin Academy), who in June also won the award for Strode’s Overall Sports Performer of the Year, is progressing to Nottingham Trent University to study Journalism; Joanna Callender-Wood of Glastonbury (St Dunstan’s), who will study Geography at the London School of Economics; Kate Hoar of Babcary (Ansford Academy), who will study Psychology at Exeter University; Tom Perry of Queen Camel (Ansford Academy), who will study Maths at Jesus College, Oxford and Oliver Williams of Shapwick (Crispin Academy) who will study Business Administration at Bath.

Tom Perry said: “I didn’t get any sleep last night. I had problems with one exam question so there was an element of doubt in my mind about whether I’d get the grades I needed. It was a massive relief to get my results and know I can go to Oxford. I woke my parents with my shout!”

A further 24 students gained 3 or more grade A or A* at A Level. Charlotte Cooper of Yeovil (Ansford Academy), Megan Hart of Street (Crispin Academy), Megan Angell of Castle Cary (Ansford Academy), Esther Clarke of Wells (Wells Cathedral School), Charlotte Davies of Glastonbury (St Dunstan’s School), Torin Dickinson of Glastonbury (St Dunstan’s School), Louise Fallows of Walton (Crispin Academy), Joshua Holmes of Castle Cary (Ansford Academy), Louise Knight of Ashcott (Crispin Academy), Alice Murray of Catcott (Crispin Academy), Daisy Watkins of Street (Crispin Academy), Ashley Whiskerd of Street (Millfield School), Caroline Chippett of Glastonbury (St Dunstan’s), Katie Holmes of Yeovil (Huish Epsicopi Academy), Dominic Phippen of Somerton (Huish Episcopi Academy), Sorcha Floyd of Othery (Huish Epsicopi Academy), Daniel Green of Yeovil (Westfield Academy), Jacob Green of Wookey (Wells Cathedral School), Emmanuelle-Halima Henriot of West Lydford (home educated), Alexander James of Street (Crispin Academy), George Lindsey of Compton Dundon (Crispin Academy), Lucy Maitland-Cullen of Street (Mendip Link), Abigail Smart of Somerton (Huish Episcopi Academy) and Catherine Vickers of Moorlinch (Crispin Academy).

Megan Hart of Street will be studying Natural Sciences at University College London. She said: “Yesterday I felt sick and nervous but today I’m relieved and over the moon. I didn’t set my alarm but woke up at 6am to check my results anyway. I’m really glad I came to Strode to do my A Levels, the teaching, the facilities and the support are great.”

Louise Fallows of Street will be studying Psychology at Southampton University. She said: “I was excited yesterday, but also pretty nervous and nauseous! I went to work in the morning and then tried to take my mind off of it by going for a walk with my friend before watching a film. I got up at 6.30am this morning to check my results online - my mum sat on my bed and when we saw my results she presented me with a new kettle to take to university. I’m so excited”

Louise Knight of Ashcott will be studying Medicine at Liverpool University. She said: “It’s been a long wait for the results - I didn’t really sleep last night although I was quite excited. I woke up at 4am and couldn’t get back to sleep. I checked my results at 7am and cried with my mum. I’m really excited about going to university - it’s a big step but I’m really looking forward to it.”

AS Level - outstanding student performances

In the AS examinations, Benjamin Crawford of Radstock led the way. Benjamin, a former pupil of Somervale School in Midsomer Norton gained five A grades, in Computing, Electronics, Maths, Further Maths and Physics. A further nineteen students gained at least three A grades: Annabel Agbo of Castle Cary (a former student of Ansford Academy), Jasmine Badman of Somerton (Ansford Academy), Jack Baker of Bruton (King Arthur’s Academy), Aimee Barlow of Shepton Mallet (The Blue School), Stephanie Bates of Baltonsborough (St Dunstan’s School), Matthew Bearman of Compton Dundon (Crispin Academy), Grace Bentham of Stathe (Huish Epsicopi Academy), Louelle Benjamin of Stoke-sub-Hamdon (Stanchester Academy), Elizabeth Bevan of Wells (St Gregory’s Catholic School), Maya Evans of Lamyatt (Ansford Academy), Eleanor Gore of Somerton (Ansford Academy), Christopher Molloy of Keinton Mandeville (Ansford Academy), Molly Nugent of Street (Wells Cathedral School), Alicia Peacock of Middlezoy (Huish Episcopi Academy), Molly Proud of Glastonbury (St Dunstan’s School), Amelia Sandy of Castle Cary (Ansford Academy), Caitlin Tilt of Sherborne (The Gryphon School) and Alice Watkins of Street (Crispin Academy).

Advanced Vocational Courses - outstanding student performances

Triple *Distinction students are listed by course below:

Art and Design: Rebecca Osmond of Langport, a former pupil of Huish Episcopi Academy.

Business: Chrissie Alexander of Glastonbury (St Dunstan’s School), Jack Allen of Shepton Mallet (Whitstone School), Sarah Austria of Glastonbury (The Blue School), Laura Dunsmore of Street (Crispin Academy), Isabella Ellis of Yeovil (Yeovil College), Emma Ferbert of Ashcott (Crispin Academy), Rochelle Lee of Ditcheat (Sexey’s School), Egle Mickeviciute of Yeovil (Preston School), Sabrina Morey of Shepton Mallet (The Blue School), Pia Norton of Street (Crispin Academy), Lauren Rendell of Wincanton (King Arthur’s Community School), Emily Rutherford of Glastonbury (Crispin Academy) and Reece Williams of Walton (Crispin School).

Reece Williams, who lives in Walton and formerly attended Crispin School, is going to the University of the West of England to study Accounting and Finance. He said: “I’m really pleased; I couldn’t have done any better. I really enjoyed my course and my time at Strode. I knew I was doing well and that my university place was safe, so that took some of the stress away.”

Health and Social Care: Jodie Alford of Evercreech (Ansford Academy), Rosie Andrews of Wookey (The Blue School), Emmy Doble of Street (Crispin Academy), Alice Gilson of Crewkerne (The Park School), Sophie Porter of Shepton Mallet (Whitstone School), Iriene Simon of Glastonbury (St Dunstan’s School) and Ashley Veale of Shepton Mallet (Yeovil College).

Engineering: Jack Boddington of Gillingham, Leigh Booth of Glastonbury (St Dunstan’s School) and Geoffrey Earle-Marsh of Ansford (Ansford Academy).

Hospitality: Katy Bond of Ashcott (Crispin Academy) and Kyle Garland of Yeovil (Westfield Academy)

IT: Benjamin Buckley of Glastonbury (St Dunstan’s School), Francesca Bullock of Meare (St Dunstan’s), Henry Carpenter of Langport (Huish Episcopi Academy), Liam Hackett of Wincanton (King Arthur’s Community School), Clive Hoadley of Wincanton (King Arthur’s Community School), Danielle Laugharne of Shepton Mallet (Whitstone School), Samuel Martin of Street (Crispin Academy), Alexander Nelson of Wells (The Blue School), Joshua Nicholson of Somerton (Huish Episcopi Academy), Anders Pfyl of Shepton Mallet (Whitstone School), Mitchel Smart of Somerton (Huish Episcopi Academy) and Matthew Warner of West Pennard (Bexleyheath School).

Matt Warner, who lives in West Pennard is going on to the University of the West of England to study IT Management and Business. He said: “I knew how I was doing throughout the course and knew what grade I was aiming for. That took the stress away from finding out about my university place. I’m really pleased with my result and am looking forward to university. I love Strode; I thoroughly enjoyed it here. The teaching has been very good. It’s far more relaxed than school.”

Music Practice and Performance: Matthew Carter of Wells (The Blue School)

Public Services: Aaron Arnold of Castle Cary (Ansford Academy), Hannah Brown of Glastonbury (St Dunstan’s School), Jacob Czerny of Wells (The Blue School), Benjamin Jones of Langport (Huish Episcopi Academy), Keri Jones of Yeovil (Preston School), Jonathan Walford of Castle Cary (Ansford Academy) and Keiran Watson of Evercreech (Ansford Academy).

Sport: Stephanie Davis of Ilchester (Sexey’s School) and David Fouracres of Glastonbury (St Dunstan’s School)

CACHE Childcare & Education course - grade A: Danielle Callow of Street (Kings of Wessex Academy), Lauren Edwards of Glastonbury (St Dunstan’s)

Art and Design Foundation Diploma (post A Level) - Distinction
Lila Babington of Glastonbury (Strode College), Annabel Chillingworth of Sherborne, Thomas Craner-Buckley of Shepton Mallet (Strode College), Emma Deacon of Street (Strode College), Amber Greenman of Chilcompton (Strode College), Emily Ingle of Wedmore (Kings of Wessex Academy), Elizabeth Moseley of Curry Rivel (Huish Episcopi Academy), Meghan Remfry-Peploe of Shepton Mallet (Strode College), Madeleine Ryall of Dorchester (Thomas Hardye School), Charlotte Street of Street (Worthing College) and Jessica Thompson of Sherborne.

Level 2 vocational courses

First Diploma students also excelled with another superb set of results. 35 students achieved an overall distinction or distinction* in their First Diploma courses, the equivalent to 4 As or 4 A*s at GCSE. Two students also gained a grade A in the CACHE Childcare Diploma.

Art and Design: Natalie Flynn (D) of Frome (Faleigh FE College), Kimberley Lester (D*) of Glastonbury (St Dunstan’s) and Avena Rawnsley (D) of Glastonbury (Home Educated).

Engineering: Aaron Everett (D) of Glastonbury (St Dunstan’s), Andrew Lamb (D*) of Shepton Mallet (Whitstone), Nicholas Luff (D*) of Bruton (Sexey’s School), Kieron Meek (D*) of Huish Episcopi (Preston School), Harry Neale (D*) of Glastonbury (St Dunstan’s), James Oakley (D*) of Frome (Farleigh FE College), Alesso Pacifici (D*) of Glastonbury (The Blue School), Samuel Pennell (D*) of Yeovil (Yeovil College), Wen Wen (D*) of Shepton Mallet (Whitstone).

Health and Social Care: Zoe Dines (D*) of Martock (St Dunstan’s School), Melissa McGreal (D*) of Westhay (Kings of Wessex Academy), Jody Moreton (D) of Keinton Mandeville (Ansford Academy), Paige Stoodley (D*) of Street (Crispin Academy), Bethany Sutton (D*) of Glastonbury (St Dunstan’s) and Bonnie White (D*) of Somerton (Huish Episcopi Academy).

ICT Practitioners: Ellen Chapman (D*) of Glastonbury (St Dunstan’s School), Matthew Fling (D) of Sparkford (Home Educated), Alex Hatchman (D*) of Street (Crispin Academy), Jack Hunt (D) of Street (Huish Episcopi Academy), Rhys Taylor (D) of Somerton (Huish Episcopi Academy), Ryan Williams (D) of Sherborne (Chilton Cantelo) and Yusheng Zhang (D*) of Yeovil.

Music: Harry Carpenter (D*) of Street (Crispin Academy) and James Spender (D*) of Langport (Home Educated)

Public Services: Ashley Andrews (D*) of Shepton Mallet (Whitstone School), Ryan Bickham (D*) of Street (Crispin Academy), Keiran Breaden-Boyce (D*) of Castle Cary (Ansford Academy), Liberty Dudzayi (D*) of Street (Bridgwater College), Saul Ham (D*) of Yeovil (The Gryphon School), Bradley Harris (D*) of West Camel (Ansford Academy), Jack McInerney (D*) of Shepton Mallet (Saint Joan of Arc Secondary School) and Mbuso Ngema (D*) of Yeovil (Yeovil College).

CACHE Level 2 Diploma: Bethanie Cook of Glastonbury (The Blue School) and Connie Furlong of Bruton (King Arthur’s Community School)


19/07/13 - Caflon Ear Piercing Training
Caflon Ear Piercing Training

Level 2 Beauty Therapy students recently took part in Caflon ear piercing training.

Caflon is a manufacturer of the most widely recognized ear piercing systems in the world and provide piercing technicians the most affordable ear piercing systems of the highest quality.

Students were able to purchase special student kits.

Pictured are Casey Lintell from Bruton and Nikki Griffiths from Wincanton who took part in the training session.

19/07/13 - Strode Students get help with Bus Fares
Strode Students get help with Bus Fares

All students travelling by bus to study at Strode College from September will get £150 towards the cost of the County Bus Ticket and those whose family income is below £26,000 will get a total of £450 towards their bus pass.

James Staniforth, Principal of Strode College, said: "Last year we were the top performing college in Somerset and we know that young people benefit enormously from learning with us. Most of our students travel to college by bus as we are well served by a number of bus routes. They come from across Somerset because they like Strode and can see that our approach to learning and support achieves excellent results both academically and personally. We do not want these young people to miss out on the fantastic opportunities they will get at Strode so we are helping with the cost of bus fares."

"We are on course to enrol record numbers of students in September to study A Levels and vocational courses, although we do still have places available on some courses. Many of these students will buy the County Bus Ticket and they will get financial help through our Travel Bursary Scheme."

guide to buses

More information:
Travel Bursary Scheme
Transport page
Apply to study at Strode in September

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