Enrol Online on Enriching Your Talents Courses

The Online Enrolment system is currently unavailable.

You can enrol easily by using our new online enrolment service using the WorldPay secure payment system.

Once an account has been set up for you you can then enrol on your desired Enriching your Talents courses and will no longer have to complete an enrolment form.

Please register now to set up an account. You will need an email address that is unique to you. Check with your Internet service provider if you need to create a new email account, or create an email account with one of the free services such as Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo! Mail.

If you have already registered with SUE, please proceed to search for courses. If a course has a basket iconbasket iconin it's status column, you may enrol on the course by clicking on the basket.

Alternatively, you may log directly into SUE and click "Find a Course" to search for your desired course.

Please note that Strode User Enrolment is only available for our Leisure and Pleasure courses (marked as "Enriching Your Talents" in the Courses for Adult Learners brochure).