Profile - Ann Kent

From curious to confident computer user

Ann Kent is an active member of the Glastonbury Towns Women's Guild where she is the voluntary Press Officer. When she was given a computer about two years ago she felt quite intimidated, 'a bit like a dinosaur'. She didn't know what questions to ask or who to ask. But, she embraced the challenge and decided to find out what her new computer could do.

Since then Ann has attended several free sessions at Strode College to find out how a computer can be of value in her life. She went to Strode's free 'Silver Surfers' sessions and 'Get More Out of Life Online' sessions; she attended courses on using a digital camera, digital images and ebay; and she has also completed the 'Computers for the Curious' course, where she learnt how to work smarter with her computer, changing text, saving and printing. 

Once she got started her confidence grew and so did her desire to learn more. She went on to successfully achieve a qualification in IT, 'Computers for Beginners' which is an Oxford and Cambridge Entry Level 3 qualification, and she is now progressing her learning and developing further IT skills with a Level 1 course.   

Ann no longer feels like a dinosaur. She can confidently use her Google email account, and the Internet is the first place she looks for information. She can take a digital photo, upload it to her computer and send her photographs attached to her email. And, she has ebay and PayPal accounts and has been selling unwanted items, including a boat! 

Ann said: "I have seen a great many changes in my lifetime and I could never have imaged being able to use the internet or email or that I could take digital photos. But now I can do all of these things and even use spread sheets!"