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In the Computer CentreOur recently refurbished Computer Centre, which is situated in our new Higher Education and Skills Centre, has been successfully delivering flexible learning IT programmes for many years. We offer an excellent standard of teaching and learning to people of all ages and abilities.

Whether you need a qualification or just the skills and knowledge, we have a course for you - from absolute beginners to advanced users. You may be thinking about returning to work or considering changing your career; you might be unemployed, looking for an apprenticeship or feel you are not keeping up with the new technologies. If you are in work, you might benefit from gaining an advanced qualification. This could enhance your job prospects and help you become more efficient in your current role.

Courses can start at any time throughout the year. You can study in our Computer Centre with the tutor and, for some courses, you can also study from home or work with access to online learning resources and tutorials. One-to-one support and guidance given by experienced tutors when you need it ensures that you have the knowledge, skills and confidence to achieve.

We aim to meet the individual learning needs of each student. Please call us to discuss your learning requirements and the course options so that we can guide you to the right course for you: 01458 844480.

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Where are you?

Absolute beginner

You have no IT skills or any prior knowledge of computers, we have a range of courses to help you. These courses cover topics such as the basics of how to use a computer, laptop or iPad, how to use the internet for shopping and finding information, how to use e-mail to keep in touch with friends and family, and use social media safely. Profile - Ann Kent 'From curious to confident computer user'.

“Through illness I have been out of work for a fair amount of time and wanted to get back into life. I’ve started studying a beginners course and found this to be excellent for my needs. It has given me confidence to study more in the future. I am partially sighted and the college has provided me with a special mouse and keyboard to enable me to use the computer and develop my skills. I’ve also gained a qualification!” Malcolm Nelson, Computers for Beginners

Beginner with a little basic experience

You have played a little on computers or laptops and can use a keyboard and a mouse, but would like to feel more confident in your IT skills and understand more about the various computer programmes. You wish to become proficient and fully confident using the internet, email, word, spreadsheets, PowerPoint, databases or Adobe programmes for home or work. You would like to know more about how to get the best out of your iPad or use social media.

"I have enjoyed my time here at Strode and look forward to starting my next course." Michelle Blaire, ECDL Level 1 Certificate

Intermediate user

You regularly use a computer, but would like to extend your skills. You would like to learn the most efficient and productive way of completing tasks. You want to ensure you are using the computer tools effectively and stay up to date with technology. Profile - Danny Furfaro 'Although jobs are hard to find at the moment, I feel I've gained good computer skills to enable me to find a job'

"I enjoyed the flexibility this course offered me and the support provided. The tutors were especially helpful and I always found them approachable and quick at offering support. I was able to complete this course while looking for work, attending interviews, helping parents and working part-time." Teresa Small, ECDL Extra

Advanced user

You have considerable knowledge of computers and, ideally, have completed an intermediate level course. You wish to take your existing skills to the higher level and learn advanced techniques to become a 'power user'. You want to be able to work smarter, not harder.

Master classes

As a Computer Centre student you will have the opportunity to attend master class sessions. These sessions are provided to enhance your learning experience. A tutor will guide you through a subject area and will clearly explain how to use each feature allowing plenty of hands-on practice, guidance and support.

If you would like to talk about which course will best suit your needs and abilities, please call the Computer Centre on: 01458 844480 for an informal discussion.

Enriching Your Talents

These courses are for those who do not have a need for a qualification but still want to learn some new skills. One of the most popular of these courses is Computer Centre Membership; with guidance from the tutor, you can design the learning around your particular learning needs, choosing content from any of the learning resources in the Computer Centre.

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 Updated 16/12/15

Occasionally we change or extend our opening times. The Computer Centre will be open for some sessions during the half term and end of term holidays. Please check with us for these opening times.

"I like the flexibility of being able to work around family commitments." Maria Klimowicz, Sage and Payroll

Please call 01458 844480 or email to book study time or for advice and guidance on individual courses.