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Enriching Your Talents!

Our popular leisure courses are labelled as Enriching Your Talents! They do not lead to a formal qualification, but with these courses you can learn a new skill, broaden your talents or enjoy a relaxing leisure interest. Whether it’s learning a language, using IT or enjoying the creative or performing arts, you should find a course that suits you.

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Gaining a qualification

At Strode adults can also study for a qualification, including academic qualifications such as a GCSE or A Level, and vocational, work-related qualifications such as Diplomas. We also offer Higher Education qualifications. All of our qualifications are accredited by leading professional bodies or nationally recognised awarding organisations. Our higher level Degrees and Foundation Degrees are accredited by Plymouth University.

English and Maths
We teach GCSE English and Maths and we also offer Functional Skills qualifications for adults who want to develop the skills they need for everyday life, such as reading, writing and maths. These qualifications can also boost your CV or help you move on to further study. We also offer English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). Please see a list of our English and Maths courses.

A Levels and vocational qualifications
In addition to the courses for adults listed you can apply to study the courses we provide for school leavers aged 16-18, but you will need to contact our Admissions team to discuss the possibility of joining these courses. We deliver 38 A Level subjects and over 30 vocational qualifications. You can find more information about these courses in the school leavers section of this website or in our prospectus for school leavers.

Higher Education
Adults can also study a range of university level programmes at Strode, including a BA (Hons) Degree alongside industry based Foundation Degrees, Higher National Diplomas (HND), Higher National Certificates (HNC), higher level professional qualifications and Higher Apprenticeships. We also offer pre-degree courses for those who would like to study at a higher level in the future, but have not gained the relevant qualifications.

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Pottery classCourse levels

All qualification-based courses are categorised into levels; they progress from Entry Level to Level 6. When you apply to join a course we will discuss your prior qualifications and their level to make sure you are eligible for the course you have chosen and we will also check what fees you will need to pay.

We use the following symbols to show the level of each course.

Enriching Your Talents! These courses are supported by Somerset Skills and Learning. They do not lead to a formal qualification, so do not have a level.

LE This is an entry level course.

AE This is an entry level Award course.

L1 This is a Level 1 course.

A1 This is a Level 1 Award course.

A2 This is a Level 2 Award course.

L2 This is a Level 2 course (e.g. GCSE).

FL2 This is a Full Level 2 course equivalent to five GCSEs grades A*-C. This course may be free.

L3 This is a Level 3 course (eg A Level).

FL3 This is a Full Level 3 course equivalent to two full A Levels. This course may be free.

L4 This is a Level 4 course (eg AAT Diploma Level 4).

L5 This is a Level 5 course (e.g. Foundation Degree).

L6 This is a Level 6 course (e.g. BA Hons Degree).


IT and Computers

The Computer Centre at Strode College has been successfully delivering flexible learning IT programmes for many years. We offer an excellent standard of teaching and learning to people of all ages and abilities.



We offer a wide range of Apprenticeship training opportunities for young adults aged 19-24.


Working with businesses

We offer a range of training and support services for businesses.


Training for people who are unemployed

We also run a range of training courses for people who are unemployed.

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