14-16 Applicants

Courses for 14 - 16 year olds

We offer a limited study programme for students aged 14-16, which complements the school curriculum and provides another option for Year 9 pupils and home educated students. If you are aged 14 - 16 there are two possible routes of study at Strode College.


East Somerset Partnership classes (ESP)

With effect from September 2015 - Strode College will no longer be offering the bespoke ESP supported classes for 14-16 year old students. By exception, we will consider offering a place to a 14-16 year old provided this application is made by the Head Teacher of the pupil’s school or by a parent whose child is home educated.


Evening classes

14-16 students may apply to join an adult evening class at Strode, subject to availability and suitability which will be assessed through application and an interview. A parent or guardian must be at college during the evening class. You will need to pay the full cost for evening classes. 


How to apply

Enquiries and applications should be directed to Jill Deakin, Assistant Principal & Director of Vocational Studies.